1. Just wanted to let you all know about my experience with Shirise. I ordered a Black city from them on Friday last week. I paid for overnight UPS delivery. Well I hadn't received it on Monday but I figured maybe they couldn't ship until Monday, so when Tuesday rolled around and nothing had came I called Shirise. Finally I spoke with someone and they say that UPS tried to deliver but there was no such address. So she gave them my phone number to get in touch with me. Well I hadn't heard anything from anyone so she checks my info and guess what... They got my address & phone number wrong!! :censor: So I give them correct address & number AGAIN and they tell me it will be delivered today. Finally it came and I am glad. I talked to Shirise 2-3 times about this over the last couple of days and not once have they offered to compensate me for shipping even though it was their screw up. Anyway, the merchandise looks good but not a great experience. Don't think I would shop there again unless there was a sale.

    If you buy anything from them I would triple check that they get your info correctly so this doesn't happen to you. :yes:
  2. DO you mind if we move this to General Discussion since it's not specifically about Balenciaga?
  3. I posted because I had ordered a Balenciaga, so if it shouldn't be posted here that's fine.
  4. I understand, and figured that ;)
    but your post isn't Balenciaga related really. I'll move it to General.
  5. I am sorry you had a bad experience. I am the one who originally posted about Shirise (not the sale but the store). I think they have great CS. They are a small store. I really enjoy shopping there.
  6. Giggles--I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but I would guess that it was an anomaly. They seemed to get everything right during the chaos of the Balenciaga sale the day the phone was ringing off the hook. I found it a pleasant experience to deal with them by phone.
  7. I would demand a refund for shipping...good luck to you!
  8. I bought from them during the "frenzy" sale and had a very good experience. My only problem was that my cc was declined at first because my bank saw it as fraudulent activity since it was an out of state purchase. They were really nice about calling me back and getting a different cc.
  9. I second that. They over charged me for S&H and promptly refunded the difference when I called and talked to them. My bbag arrived on time, via UPS. I'd definitely buy from them again if they have another sale.
  10. What was the final outcome between you and Shirise did they do the right thing and credit you for the shipping?