Shipping to Uncomfirmed Address

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  1. I just sold a Coach bag on eBay. It was listed as BIN and early this morning it was sold. I reviewed the details of the PayPal payment and noticed that the buyers address is unconfirmed. I didn't note that a confirmed address was required but obviously I don't want to ship to an unconfirmed address. I sent her an email asking her to confirm her address this morning but haven't heard back. I guess I should wait to her back from her but just wanted to get some thoughts...if she doesn't want to confirm her address do I still have to ship it since I didn't note that it was required?

  2. See.. I'm so torn on this one.

    I do not use my confirmed address because I live in Apt building where I cannot trust my neighbors... therefore I have things shipped to my boyfriends house where at least it is at a residence..and not sitting on my doorstep with about 40 or so other people privy to taking it.

    It really is your call.. I would check this person's feedback... see if they can get their address confirmed... either way, go with your gut.
  3. If you shipped it to an unconfirmed address and it doesn't get there, you are going to lose a Paypal claim. Period. She may not be able to have a confirmed address w/Paypal. Not all people in Canada can.

  4. Ditto.
    It just isnt worth it to me IMO

  5. It depends on how much you want to make this sale. I'd check her feedback etc and decide on how comfortable I was in taking the risk. I have shipped to unconfirmed addresses before, but only for low amounts that I didn't mind risking.

    If she agrees to confirm her address, make sure you refund the money & get her to resubmit it once she is confirmed - that way you'll be covered by the SPP.

    As well as having a confirmed address, you must ship within 7 days, with online delivery confirmation (or signature if amount is over $250.) Make sure you do all these things to be covered by paypal's spp.
  6. I would NOT risk it (unless it's a repeat customer whom I've gotten to know after numerous successful transactions over the a course of 1/2 a year or longer...and even then that's only if they're overseas in a country where addresses are non-PayPal-confirmable). In this case I would ask the buyer to pay via BIDPAY if she can't get her address PayPal-confirmed.
  7. If it's expensive, I would insist on the confirmed address. If she's with PayPay she should be confirmed.
  8. Check her feedbacks, I've buyer from Italy, newbie, 1 feedback & unconfirmed address. I asked her to confirm it but looks she can't speak English. Instead lost my $$$ & Hermes watch, I refund her.
  9. IMO just make a rule - won't ship to unconfirmed address. That rule is for everyone and you don't have to wring your hands over every hard luck story. Being a seller is hell enough. State that in you listings - will ship only to confirmed paypal address.

    No you don't have to ship to her. if she leaves bad feedback, just reply that won't ship to unconfirmed address. other buyers will respect you!