Shipping time from Canada to the UK?

  1. Hi everyone, I recently brought a Balenciaga city on June 4th frome eBay, from a seller in Canada.
    Im in the UK and its still not here, its never taken this long before from the US so i was wondering if Canadian shipping is slower?
    Also, she gave me a tracking number and all it says is that the parcel has been accepted at the post office in Canada, is this normal for the long time that its taking?

    Thank you! Im getting slightly worried! x
  2. Don't panic , i sent one france ( from the u.k ) and it took 4 weeks , sent international signed for , as long as its trackable its fairly safe .
  3. No shipping in Canada is not slower. Once it leaves Canada to go to UK it will be handed off to your national postal service to be delivered to you.

    I've had stuff Xpresspost there and it should have taken 4-5 business days but it got there about 7 business days. I think the packages gets stuck in customs and that is why it takes longer. I know when I shipped a bag to Europe they opened the box to see what was inside.

    So don't worry your package will be there soon. If the sender did not use Xpresspost and used the other methods (excluding Small Packet Air) it will take much longer for you to get it (at least 2 weeks or up to 4 weeks depending).
  4. ok girls thank you! Its just that it seems to be taking ages! x

  5. its probably stuck at customs! What has she sent it via? Insured/not insured? If its insured the value will have to be declared which means that you'll need to wait for a letter from parcelforce demanding payment for charges. :sad:If you have a tracking number, go to parcelforce website and type it in, tick the "incoming international parcel" and it will tell you whats going on. :yes:
  6. I have done that, and its still in Canada!!! I dont understand why it is taking soo long!? Its annoying, she said she used Canada post.

    Im scared that she works in the PO and just put it through on the tracking and she hasnt sent the bag!? Am i losing my mind? xx