Shipping perfume- not allowed??

  1. a few days ago, i sold a bottle of perfume on eBay. i went to the post office today to ship it and the lady told me that usps will not ship perfume because liquids are prohibited. i had no idea because i have bought perfume before that was shipped via usps! i should mention that i was trying to send it to brazil so maybe its just prohibited for international shipments? does anyone know for sure? is there any way for me to send the perfume to the buyer in brazil or should i just refund them their money? i dont know what to do :sad:
  2. Perfumery Products are usually dangerous goods because the alcohol they contain is a flammable liquid. If your perfume had a warning label that said it was Flammable, you have a dangerous good.

    If you have a pressurized container (aerosol), you may have additional restrictions on shipping.

    USPS doesn't take dangerous goods. If you have sent/received similar items in the past, you just slipped something past them, but that doesn't make it right. They may also restrict any liquids because of concerns about leaking, and trying to identify some mysterious liquid leaking all over the shipping plant.

    FedEx and UPS will take dangerous goods, but you need to satisfy all of the requirements for shipping the items, and the surcharges are probably much higher than the value of your item. They will not tell you how to ship, nor will they give you the shipping materials. It is up to the shipper (you) to know what you need for your shipment.

    I would suggest that unless you know how to properly ship the perfume, and you/your buyer are prepared to pay the additional hazmat surcharges, that you refund the buyer and sell your perfume as local pickup only.

    From time to time, I see the question about "Why can I take this stuff in my carry-on on the plane if it is so dangerous?" The answer is that you have an exemption in that case, but it is a bit scary to think how much improperly packed hazmat is sitting under your seat at 30,000 feet up.:wtf:
  3. Perfume is flammable so it cannot be sent. With that being said I have heard ( though not confirmed) that as long as it is non aerosol it can be sent USPS ground service, it can not be sent by plane. Unless it goes by boat to Brazil you are not going to be able to send it there.

    Now you can try to take the risk and not write perfume on the customs form and just write the Brand and Name of the product but it may be confiscated by customs and then you will have to refund the buyer and not have the product in addition to having an upset buyer.

    You can look into sending it Fedex or another private carrier but the buyer will have to pay really high fees for the package in addition to the customs fees and you will have an angry buyer because they will have to pay more than the perfume is worth most likely.

    I would contact the buyer and see if they will cancel. Then call or go to the post office and see if you can send it ground and if so relist it and make sure to state that due to perfume being flammable it can only be sent by ground mail OR keep and enjoy the perfume, give to a friend or try to sell it locally.
  4. You can ship perfume and aerosol products WITHIN the US through USPS ground service. aerosol products usually get a special stamp or sticker and it takes a lot more time than shipping perfume (from my experience). This being said, I'm not familiar with shipping these products internationally, you may have to use another carrier if USPS refuses. Whatever you do, DO NOT take the risk of shipping this through USPS without declaring its nature--not only would that be a federal offense, but it may also put people at risk--they don't put these restrictions up for the heck of it.
  5. I tried to send perfume to my MIL from TX to CA using USPS and they wouldn't let me send it. I had to send it UPS. I'm not sure how you would deal with shipping internationally though.
  6. Has to go ground, so you can't send it to brazil.
  7. I'd explain to the buyer and cancel the transaction.
  8. thanks everyone for your responses. i am going to contact the buyer and hopefully they will be ok with the cancellation.