Shipping from the UK to the US

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  1. I wanted to know if I could order something from the UK LV website and have it shipped to the US? Sorry if someone already asked this I could not find a thread on it.
  2. As far as I know, this is not possible.
  3. what's your reasoning? you live in the UK, no? so how do you know?
  4. I spoke with CS about this a few months ago and they said that you can't order it directly from the LV UK website and try to send it to a US address. However, I think if you call one of the boutiques over there, you could get one of the SAs to ship to you. The only problem is, if you get charged customs and other fees, sometimes you are not really saving that much money and it may have just been better to order off eluxury since they don't charge tax. HTH!

    The best way to get something from Europe is if you have a friend over there who can ship it to you.
  5. You can't buy on the website of the uk and get it shipped to US.

    It will be too easy and people will play with the currencies...

    When you buy from uk website's, you have to ship to an uk adress + the credit card must match the billing adress (which have to be in uk too)

    Sooo difficult !!
  6. Hi, no you cant do this because all the LV UK items come from Paris so that would mean sending from Paris to US which they wont do and dont do for most items in store. As far as having an item mailed to you from a UK store, they wont do this either.