Shipping Dilemma and need advice!!!

  1. Ok - I am buying a purse from overseas and having it shipped to me in the US. My options are parcelforce, royal mail, FedEx or UPS. Well parcelforce, FedEx and UPS are ridiculous - at least $110 to insure the purchase fully with delivery in about 2-3 business days. I *could * go the cheapest with royal mail airsure which would allow me to track online and it's scanned at delivery for only $20 BUT the only issue here is I'd be insured for about $400 less than I'd be paying. If the package got lost, I'd be out $400.

    So my question is this - do I go with the fully insured package and pay at least $110 OR do I go with royal mail for so much less at $20? How is royal mail, is it very reliable?

    Thanks for your thoughts girls :shame: :rolleyes:
  2. Well, Royal mail is the UK equivalent of USPS but IMO a lot better!!!!! I get stuff sent to me from the Uk by royal mail all the time and they are fine, always arrive quickly. But you have to remember that it is not the same as UPS or Fedex, its just the national mail system so if I were you I would pay that bit more for piece of mind....remember once the parcel arrives in the US it'll be switched to USPS.
  3. In addition...using FedEx and UPS for international is sometimes not good. They will charge a brokers fee (at least they do when you ship from US to Canada) on top of the customs fees.
  4. customs will probably be easier with royal mail too.... just a thought.
  5. I would agree...won't charge a brokerage fee (which sometimes can be a ton of money!)
  6. Thx all - I am going w/royal mail with airsure. I can't see paying so much money to send by FedEx. I can't afford it and it will make me sick to spend $120 on shipping. Pray it reaches me ok!!!
  7. Good luck Twinklette :flowers:

    I know a lot of gals use USPS with no issue - but, I like to pay for piece of mind - if you are going to pay good money for a bag then it only makes sense to pay good money for insurance that you will recieve the bag.

    I never skimp on shipping - just my .02; for me it is ONLY UPS or FedEx.

    I ship over $100,000 a month in aftermarket autoparts, (around the world) - and only use UPS.