Shiny Monogram Canvas

  1. Just received my new Mono Speedy 25 and Damier Azur 25 from eluxury (both made in USA).:yahoo:

    However, I have a question about the Mono Speedy 25. The canvas I noticed is so much shinier than that of my Speedy 30. Anyone who recently purchased a Monogram Speed 25 made in '07 notice this also?

    I'll take a picture tonight of the 30 and 25 side by side.

  2. Maybe it will dull down after a few uses. I'm not sure, unless they've started putting more varnishy/PVC stuff on. But it could have always been like that....iono
  3. I have the Mono Speedy 25 & the 30 and the canvas on both looks basically the same (although the 25 has dulled a tiny bit from use).
  4. Please note these are not my pictures, I found them throughout the forum and have listed their respective owners. This will have to do until i get home tonight and take side by side pictures.

    pic from just_jill325


    my speedy 25 is as shiny as the pic above. With or without flash it has that shine to it.

    but my speedy 30 and even the french wallet I purchased from elux a few weeks ago are a bit duller like this
    pic from GerGirl

    Is this something new for speedy's made in 07. My speedy 30 was made in Dec 05

  5. huh. i really don't know. but i cannot wait to hear someone that has a theory on this. or even better, an sa that will tell us!
  6. what is the date code on your bag?
  7. Its probably just that new bag shine.
  8. I'll look at the speedy 25 date code tonight
    but i remember it being made the 5th week of 07 because the azur was made in the 4th week of 07. I was hoping for twins lol.

    Its REAL shiny though. The shiniest LV I've ever had.
    It gleams. i know it doesnt help without the pictures, but i definitely will do lots of side by side comparisons pics.
  9. I think your 30 is not shiny because you`ve USED it. Canvas dulls with age and I`ve seen some pix where the monogram prints become slightly greenish after years and years of use.
  10. I would say it is because it is brand new.
  11. Definitely shiny because it's brand new.
  12. i think it'll get duller over time.... mine did the same thing!
  13. Def will dull. Just that all my LV items have always been purchased new but I dont remember the larger items being so shiny.

    I took pics of my french wallet as soon as I got it. The canvas on it is like most of my items when received not shiny. Maybe its my eyes I did just have lasik done lol

    Thanks to everyone

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. Here's my theory.......I have owned and then sold several mono speedies that I had authenticated at LV. All were real but there was a lot of variance on the monogram canvas. I found in general that the USA speedies had a darker, shinier, smoother canvas and the French speedies had a bumpier texture, lighter brown color, LVs appeared less yellow, and the canvas was slightly firmer than the USA canvas. However, I just sent my 2007 USA speedy into the LV "shop" for repairs on wrinkled handle tabs and bought a new "used" one from eBay while I wait. It's a 2001 USA in excellent condition...just starting to patina. John said it appears authentic and in all my speedy experience, I believe it is too....but this one has canvas more like the French speedies I've had in the past. Perhaps USA used canvas just like France back in 2001, but not in more recent years. Not sure...but I don't mind the difference. There are good points to both! ;)
  15. Hmmm, you know I noticed that the canvas on my mono Alma and BH were shinier, and the monogram more pronounced, than on my Speedy 35.