Shillings pouch?

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  1. Has anyone ever owned this little guy? I believe it is a shillings pouch? Thoughts? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461096120.347871.jpg
  2. I've never seen that. It's adorable.
  3. Is it new? I've never seen it before. It's darling.
  4. I thought so too! It's not new I don't think. Reminds me of the Partition clutch but smaller.
  5. I've never seen it before but it's cuter than a button and would make a great alternative if you wanted something a little fancier than just a plain coin pouch.
  6. It is very cute. I am trying to remember how the shilling looked to deserve such a piece. It must be vintage, the shilling disappeared around 2001 (for the Euro).
  7. Ohh interesting.A vintage piece perhaps?
  8. After a short google search: It seems that the Austrian Shilling coins were quite heavy and large due to the need to introduce coins with larger values. This might be the rationale for this model?

    There are also Yen models, I believe.
  9. a shilling? do those still exist today? i feel like i only hear the word shilling in pirate cartoons nowadays! LOL!

    but yeah that is super cute indeed. i think what makes it even cuter is that you can say "this little purse here is to keep me shillings from falling off me person! yarr!"
  10. So this is a new or old piece?
  11. :roflmfao:I was thinking the same thing!:roflmfao:
  12. :lolots:
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