1. how do you know
  2. i dunno.. that's why i wanna know ur opinion. this is what i noticed

    that's 4 different ppl. What is an odd to have 4 ppl with same User ID pattern bidding on an item. I wanted to bid so i wanted to ask ur opinion
  3. Do you mean letter then *** letter?
  4. It does look kind of similar, a***5, then a***n, g***8, o***0 or whatever it was. But lots of people use their name with a number because they can't be bothered to make up something else. And I don't think the stars represent the exact amount of letters hidden.
  5. No what i was getting at by asking welovelouie if she thought bidders letter***letter were shiller is because they are not. eBay put the stars there so you cant see the bidders id name!
  6. ^^^

    oh, i get it

    But then why does it show the last person? Or it only shows the winner?
  7. Yes it only shows the winner!
  8. :yes: Yes. eBay just started doing this to cut down on the spam emails offered to bidders on high end items.
  9. I don't see any shill bidding on here.
  10. I think it is legit too!