Shhhhh, we won't tell about your non-Choo purchases

  1. ^^ Love the colour of the Prada, so beautiful. Congrats for your retirement, did you work for the State or does everybody get a retirement certificate? I think that's pretty cool, having it signed by Arnold.
  2. congratulations on your retirement! :drinkup: Now's when the fun starts, right?? :party: That Chloe is wa wa wa wow! :nuts:
  3. Thanks. I worked for the state out of my home. I also contract on the side so will continue to do that...must support my purse habit!:nuts:
  4. congrats jmacadon on your retirement :flowers:and your lovely non-choo bags!:graucho:
  5. Jm, those bags are sooo lovely! very lovely! Both are equally beautiful to me! Congratulations on the retirement!
  6. Where have I been Jmcadon:wtf:

    Retirement???? You are awfully young......... but Congratulations:woohoo:

    I technically retired a few years ago, but I still work out of my home and go into an office for about 6 hours a week to pick up work and socialize:p

    I too have to have something to support my "habit" (and DD's dance:push:smile:

    Now we both can sit at home in our PJ's with our Fabulous bags and chat on the computer with each other:happydance:
  7. Now Jm, got a question.. :shame:
    On the Chloe, which leather is it - croc, python..?? :shrugs: I feel it's too big of those prints for a python.. :confused1:
    It's very pretty! :love:
  8. ^^ Hi Abi, I'm pretty sure it's python, but you're right, the scales are enormous, very beautiful skin indeed.
  9. Yes. It is python. The bag is several years old. I bought it from a fellow tpf'r who now really wants me to sell it back to her! I guess it was carried by some hollywood people so that makes it hot!?! Some Nicole someone...:nuts:
    It is a gorgeous bag, but kinda I think I will sell it back to her! LOL! She is very nice and wants it back and I don't really carry it...
  10. :girlsigh:
    Robynbenz...It was kind of a snap decision...:upsidedown:
    I won't get to collect any money for a few more years, but I have worked for the state for quite some time! I had a great job and was able to work from home. I started my own consulting/inspection sideline several years ago and it has skyrocketed! I will miss the per diem tho!
    I also want to start doing other things...
    I want to dress like a girl! :girlsigh:
  11. IKWM, I worked for the DOD for 10+ years & DH 17 years before we moved and then I went to work for the State her in the cold Mid-West for a few more years and the vacation, holidays, healthcare and retirement benefits were the Best....

    Well, Congratulations on your retirement and your new Venture :yahoo:
  12. Gucci bag, not terribly exciting but I love it :shrugs:
  13. Polaremil and Jm - wow, that snake must have been huge! Still, it's an attention-getter. :yes: I wonder how "small" it is? Have you posted any modelling pics somewhere?
    I wonder if it's Nicole Kidman - the celebrity person.
  14. Is the handle hard on the shoulder? :rolleyes: Is it the bamboo thing?
  15. No, it was Nicole Ritchie. It is a medium size bag for me as I am not a fan of huge bags. Maybe 12-14"X7". There are modeling pics in the Chloe forum...not by me, but someone else who has this bag. They no longer make it in this size or python.