Shhhhh, we won't tell about your non-Choo purchases

  1. I'm stealing this thread from kneehighz in the Fendi forum, who lifted it from Sharbear in the Chanel forum. The Choo subforum is my home. But I have made other purchases that were not Jimmy Choo. So as Sharbear so wonderfully put it: (I changed "Chanel" to "Choo")

    Alright ladies, fess up!!! We're all self-proclaimed Choo lovers in this forum, but let's face it - whether it be because of the high prices, a lack of interest in the current season's offerings, or a result of any other bevy of reasons ("SA made me!", "DH surprised me!", "It followed me home...I swear!", "I have no idea where it came from!!!", etc.), we have all succumbed to the temptation to buy non-Choo bags from time to time... Well, here's a thread where you can confess, get rid of that guilt, and celebrate our non-Choo purchases together! We all have Rikis, Ramonas, Mahalas, and other Choo lovelies in common, but let's see what other designer bags we Choo lovers all covet!

    Choo addicts, please post pics of your latest non-Choo acquisitions! It would be great to see what other non-Choo but equally fabulous bags out there that fellow Choo fanatics are toting around...because there ain't nothin wrong with expanding our bag addictions just a little bit more...

    Can't wait to see everyone's pics!
  2. teehee:tpfrox:
    I don't have any Choos to share, just wanted to see how this thread was spreading!
  3. OK, I'll go first... Meet my Gucci Britt top handle messenger bag in black suede, and my Balenciaga black leather Clous bag.
    guccibritt.jpg clous1.jpg
  4. This is a great thread, I'm curious too as to what other bags/designers we Choo girls go for. I have a hunch Samantha has a very well rounded bag collection after seeing most of her photos posted here on tPF.

    As for me....well, I've stayed pretty true to Choo. Since discovering JC waaaay back in June, I've bought, OMG, 5 Choo bags! :shocked:

    I did however stray....and it was JC that gave me the strength to do it. Hang on a minute....JC as in Jimmy Choo....not a higher power! Good God, if that JC has nothing better to do than direct ME to buy handbags, we are all in a world of sh*t! Hey, maybe I'm onto something here.... ;)

    But I digress (as freaking usual!). My only non-Choo purchase has been a Balenciaga Rouge Vif City. I really wanted a red bag, I've always wanted a Balenciaga, but until I started spending the big bucks on Choo, I never wanted to spend that much on a bag. So of course I wait until I'm already buying pricey Choo bags to take the me, it makes sense in an alternate universe. :amuse:

    So, who's next? And I dare ya to come up with a longer post than this one! You know that's why Megs and Vlad had to switch servers right? was because of me and my sit down, put your feet up, grab a cup of tea and settle in to read one of Stinkerbelle's long-winded posts...I took up all their bandwidth! :p
  5. Jburgh...I know I'm not one to talk what with my frustration level being zero at the whole photo posting thing, but I can not WAIT to see photos of the inside of your closet! I suspect you have one very amazing handbag collection and I for one would love to see it all one day! :tender:

    By the by....the Poppy Mahala is now checked??? we have a story to share? :graucho:
  6. Since my Croc Ross was just last week :yahoo: my latest "other" bags were before the new Ross.
    DH surprised me with Vert Anis Ostrich birkin for our anniversary. Dh also bought me the LE edition Mirage by LV at the LV VIP party.

    If I have not said it before . . . My husband is the best:love::heart:

    IMG_3654.jpg IMG_4174.jpg
  7. Shhhhhh...don't tell anyone, but yes.
  8. OMG...are you kidding me? I'm speechless! Your birkin is....there are no words. Wow. OK, there was one word! :love:
  9. I swear, trying to keep up with you and Ethel is a full time job! :smile:

    Do spill when you're ready! :tup:
  10. Thanks Stinker!!!!! You should have seen me when he gave it to me. I was at a Girls night out that he had organized with 17 of my friends and then out comes the big orange box. The orange box alone rendered me speechless, so needless to say when I opened the box and saw and exotic brikin I almost fell over
  11. FleurDeLis..umm..can I borrow your DH:nuts:
  12. JC will always be my first love but I have recently cheated and bought a fabulous Balenciaga Black First.

    I've found that the last few seasons JC have concentrated on really large bags and they just aren't my thing.
  13. I too have cheated..I will take pics for the confessional this weekend. Recently I have strayed with Prada, Chloe and Balenciaga.:shame:
  14. Where did these Lucy and Ethel names come from? Can I be little Riki?
  15. Actually, I cheated :graucho: on Chloe, which was my very first foray into premier designer bags. Before discovering tPF I was a 2-bags per year Coach and Kate Spade girl. But upon discovering tPF, I fell in love with a paddington, got it from the AR sale and now there's no turning back. So I've been quite the *player* by going from Chloe to Dior to Fendi then finally to Choo! (link to my collection is below) Someone posted pics of her fabulous bronze Maddy :wtf::drool: which might be my next bag purchase... but not until next year and only AFTER I pay off my CC debt! :shame: