She's my perfect match...Denim MP!

  1. I just received my denim MP from eBay today and I am sooooooo excited!!!! It is absolutely gorgeous and I saved almost 300 dollars off retail!! She is literally the perfect size, shape, color, everything for me! :yahoo:

    Blue is my favorite color and this is such a rich, deep, greyish's really stunning! I can't wait to take her out on the town! She's brand-spankin' new! :love:

    I've heard the horror stories about eBay, and thanks to thithi for authenticating this gorgeous bag for me! I really appreciate it! :angel:

    Here are some pics of the gorgeous denim MP and her MJ siblings!

    Oh crap....the pics aren't working!! I'm sorry gals, I'll convert to PDF and post pics later!! UGH! :yucky:
  2. Can't wait to see pics! Congratulations!!!
  3. OK--here are the pics! Sorry it took so long!! :yahoo:

    I am including two pics of the Denim MP (smaller size), one pic of my MJ family, and one pic with their LV cousins! My collection isn't huge, but it really reflects my taste and personality!
    MP 1.jpg MP 3.jpg Just MJ.jpg The Whole Gang.jpg
  4. Congrats! That shade of blue is really pretty! I'm starting to regret having passed up on this bag when I saw it at NR - but I can only buy so many bags in a month. :p You have a nice collection! The quilted Elise is really elegant!
  5. Gorgeous, love them, nice collection, congrats :smile:
  6. Your bags are all so gorgeous!
  7. Thanks! The quilted Elise is by far my favorite bag! It goes with everything and makes me feel chic and classy no matter what!!! :heart:
  8. thanks for sharing! love the beautiful collection
  9. Wow, gorgeous!!!
  10. You really have a nice collection over there :drool:
  11. Awwww, you guys are sooo sweet! Thanks everyone for your lovely compliments!! :love:
  12. what a fantastic collection you have! congrats on the new addition!
  13. Hello drowning in drool here!!! Love that bag !!!! That color is so unique!!!!! Your collection is lovely too!! congrats!!!!
  14. The bag is so pretty and your collection is TDF!
  15. So pretty--Congratulations!