she's mine mine mine ALL MINE! muhuhahaha!

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  1. haha :smile: ok im not crazy, but i finnally decided to get this bag

    if that doesnt show, sorry! but it is the black chain hobo!! i had the brown chain, but as some of you know it was a bit worn and my SA offered to replace it for me (even though its been a year and a half wohoo!!) and i figured why not get something new...

    SO my bf just went and picked her up for me! wohooo!! im so excited!!:yahoo:

    AND i just talked to my mom and she said she is coming to oklahoma in june and she will take me to the dallas gucci and get me tote for school...SO PRAY that they introduce a super cute totes!!!!

    hehehe im so very excited!!! :yahoo:
  2. congrats! too bad they couldn't replace the least you got a brand new one! woohoo :biggrin:
  3. congrats, enjoy!
  4. congrats!
  5. THANKS bee-licious, mj and mylilsnowy!!!

    They actually offered me the credit and said i can pick out whatever i wanted and i debated between the brown and black buttttttttt i went with the black because i just bought a LV that i KNOW i will be obsessed with for a while soooooo i figured might as well get a black and i can make do with two totes!! and of course i have all my smaller bags in case i want to actually try and be cute ;) haha

    THANKS AGAIN GUYS!! :smile: im soooooo excitedd!!!
  6. i've been eyeing that bag for a long time, congratz! :tup:
  7. That is lovely! Congratulations to the new bag! I'm sorry about the brown one, but really nice of your SA to give you the credit. Enjoy!!
  8. thanks guys!!! u wanna know a secret...i think the wearing out was my fault not the bags!! haha i wore it just wayyyy to0 much in rain, shine and yes even the snow!!! so i was a bad bag mommy but still verry cool of gucci to keep its customers happy!! :smile:

    makes me want to keep buying and buying and buying! and anybody that doesnt have a version of this bag yet MUST get it!! i loveeeeee the brown but SO MANY people have the chain in brown! so that's what influcenced me to get the black...gotta love being different!
  9. congrats!
  10. Congratulations!
  11. thanks gucci fan and joydaly!!! :smile: i cant wait for my bf to bring it to me!!

    he is visiting for my bday (thursday!!!) and he actually picked it up for me!!! WOHOOOO!

    btw im going to dallas to go shoppin....i know i dont need a new bag but hmmm do you think i should get any accessories???
  12. wow! the black one is hooot!! I agree, lots of people have the brown one! I have the med brown horsebit. Is it okay to use in the rain? I hope so, i used it a couple of
  13. haha thanks! i wouldnt recommend it but ummm seirously i TOTTALLY did!!! i like to live life, if my bag gets wet it gets wet!!! i dont like worry about every single little thing!!!

    haha i love your LV (thats umm the manhattan right?) i knwo its on ur wishlist but when are u gonna pick it up!! so damn hot!! im barly getting into lv...haha so i know veryyyy little!!!
  14. LOL..Thanks!! Yup, Manhattan PM. I'm getting her probably early August! I'm the opposite, I'm more of an LV girl, but gucci is my first love but I got an LV first (weird, I know!)..I don't know much about Gucci either..just the Horsebits and Abbey..I think I want another Gucci though for the end of the year but not sure what.

    Does Gucci do charge-sends like LV? I live in a city where we don't have any Large Name brand stores (like..NONE!) so I usually do charge-sends to buy my LV..I wonder if Gucci does the same?!
  15. congrats!! :biggrin: