She's here!

  1. My first ever Carly! I generally don't like signature, but I always said if they made a brown/brown Carly I'd go for it. Luckily I was able to get it with the PCE! My only concern is it staying on my shoulder... hopefully it will be better when I fill it? Now to find matching accessories!! :rolleyes:



  2. Katriese, that bag is gorgeous on you. The brown goes with everything! Congrats on your awesome purchase!
  3. Ooooooooooh, that is gorgeous! Those are the best pics I have seen of the brown/brown Carly so far. And you are adorable!
  4. i love it, congrats.
  5. That bag looks great on you and I love the scarf you put on it ! So cute !
  6. love it! i can't wait to get mine! :smile:
  7. Its beautiful!! I love it with the scarf. Congrats!!
  8. It's official......I must have it.

    Love the scarf on it as well....congrats!!
  9. that looks great on you! how tall are you?
  10. I'm nearly 5'9" and that is the medium Carly. I don't carry THAT much so I thought the large would be a little big. Plus I keep reading to opt for smaller over large bags.
  11. What a lovely bag, Congrats
  12. That is one nice bag, and i espcically love the scarf.
  13. Love it-looks great on you!
  14. Oooh! It looks like the perfect size for you! Congrats!

    Don't you just LOVE the color?

    I am still drooling over mine!
  15. It really looks great on you! Congrats and enjoy her!!