Sheer size of some Chloe bags!!!

  1. Living in fashion Siberia and hundreds (thousands?) of kilometres from the nearest Chloe store (none in this country),I had never seen a Chloe bag except my own paddington in real life.

    However,a store in Rotterdam now has the Silverado tote,paddy shopping tote,Chamois Edith and the large (boy I hope it was the large) pocket paddy in stock.

    I am absolutely amazed at how HUMUNGOUS these bags are. I would NEVER dream of using anything so ridiculously huge as a handbag!!! They had several of the paddy types in metallic colours too,and they were just hideous!!!

    I usually love Chloe bags...but I'm so glad that I never ordered any one of these,because they'd have been in the fast plane back to Net-A-Porter or wherever they came from!!!

    I've obviously had narrow escapes with my Net-A-Porter bag purchases so far....I've returned the Luella Gisele a year or so ago(didn't know how fast I had to get it out of my house) and sold the MJ SS06 Stam,but otherwise been very lucky.....:shocked:
  2. :lol: Quirky I'm in fashion Siberia too! I can see paddys if I take a 2 hr drive, and saw the pocket paddys and shopping totes recently too and thought they were GINORMOUS! :shocked: I loved the tote and can see it as a travel or book bag, but I don't think I could spend that much on a limited use bag. And I travel light so could never fill the pocket up and I think they look better filled. I have the medium Edith - not sure if you saw med or large - and I think although the bag is tall, it looks fine (even better) lightly filled - I just love it! I'm dying to see the large but again probably more of a travel bag and I can't see shoving that pretty thing in an overhead bin or under the seat! :amazed:
  3. I saw some RL Paddys and Silverados in Bloomingdales (Chestnut Hill, MA) last Friday. I had a love affair with the Whiskey hobo and Taupe Paddington - both had gorgeous leather and perfect hardware - damn if money grew on trees! Also saw two medium Zippys - one in black and one in Jaune. I didn't care for Jaune. There was a large Chocolate Zippy in the case that looked like a foot long hotdog. Also on the rack were two Anthracite Paddy satchels - a baby and regular - as well as some Silverado satchels in large and medium (not totes), mostly black and tan. And some tan Bettys. All of the bags on the racks were locked together. When a s/a approached and asked if I wanted to try anything on I was like, "NO THANK YOU!" That would have been an invitation to whip out my Bloomies charge!! It was Chloe central, and I came home with empty-handed. :shocked:

    Blu - didn't you say the lock always fell into the bag on the hobo and you returned it?
  4. It did, and I did...finally. I tried mammab's suggestion of keeping it totally unzipped at all times so the lock could really be thrown way over the top of the bag, but it still drifted inside more than with the satchel. And since the bag felt heavier and wider than a satchel I tried to put very little in it, which made it look shriveled and sad. :sad: That said, it was still the most gorgeous bag I think I will ever see.... if I ever see a used one for a better price I'm all over it!

    And I fell in love with taupe IRL too. Sometimes makes me regret getting chamois Edith!
  5. I love the paddy shopping tote and almost bought one (I kept my Edith instead). I think the size is perfect and the handles are the perfect length for it's size. And while I'm not crazy about the large pocket paddy, it looks really good on one of the PF ladies that I know and she's an itty bitty thing. I think size is a relative thing. :biggrin:
  6. You're clearly right,it's relative,otherwise they would never have the sales they do!!

    I forgot to mention that i also saw 3 zip an ENORMOUS bag too!! And quite awkward,because it's kind of north-south and wouldn't fit easily on the shoulder.

    Nope...glad I didn't go the Chloe route this summer!
  7. ^^Not a fan of the Gladys either. But besides the size, did you also notice how thin the leather is on some of the new styles? Been wanting an Ascot hobo but when I saw the leather on the tote, I was disappointed by the leather. I guess that's why they're cheaper! :smile:
  8. Hey pnay71 - good point on the Ascot leather! I'd been eyeballing the Ascot hobo too but assumed the leather would be paddy quality - guess not!