Sheared Mink Jacket

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  1. I just bought this sheared mink jacket and not sure whether I can wear it for CASUAL?

    It has shear marks / lines that go at diagonal angles, sort of like vintage velvet. Thought I would change out the crystal buttons to flat black.

    I want to wear it with a tunic sweater and skinny jeans.


    Will post sweater in next post...

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  2. I think it works as casual because of the way it's cut.
  3. I was going to wear it with this tunic sweater and a thick belt.


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  4. I think it'll look adorable. Nice jacket!
  5. Sounds right.
  6. So the mottled texture of the fur doesn't bother you?

    I know I'm obsessing...
  7. love it!
  8. Darling! No mottled texture makes it look more casual which is what your looking for! Love it, & your idea changing out the buttons.
  9. Its a nice jacket!!
  10. I /love/ it. Wear it!
  11. when will you people realize that your method of shock and awe is unwanted and disrespectful?
    We'll be glad to leave your links if you're respectful enough to warn people first.

    Also, you have TOOOO many aliases here, they're all banned now, if you wnat to post here again, I suggest you ask permission as we'll just continue to ban and delete.
  12. :crybaby: :crybaby: And that is why I am against fur. Enough said.
  13. ^PLEASE not that discussion again.
  14. Don't worry, I was just responding to someone's quote, that's all.:shrugs: And that's why I put enough said.:back2topic: