Shawls for evening attire - pics

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  1. It seems whenever I'm looking for something to put on over a gown I can never find anything. Now that I'm not in need of one I found these. What do you think of them? I really like them.

    Ilana Wolf ruffled shawl - comes in black, red, or pink - $375

    Ilana Wolf satin shawl - $440 (This one seems to only come in the black/pink.)
  2. They are both very dramatic, so they would go well with a plain dress, IMO. I like them :biggrin:
  3. Wow!!!

    I love them! :heart:

    I particularly like the chiffon one. :yes:
  4. Amazing!! I love the black and pink and i agree with ENJLUX has to go with a stunning but simple dress
  5. For some reason I don't like them. They strike me as very Barbie doll-esque.
  6. hmm... I love them in the pix.... but I don't think it's going to work IRL....
    What kind of party are you going to?
  7. i think they're very nice, so if you think you'll get some use out of them then go for it. i don't think they'd work with a whole lot unless you have a lot of simple gowns, and i can't really imagine them with a shorter dress. i'd probably choose something more versatile. ever heard of chilly jilly? they sold them at a local boutique i interned at and women loved them!
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