Sharon Stone

  1. **I did a search and didn't find a thread for her. If there is - my bad...**

    I was wondering what you guys think about this...I think the pants fit bad but she looks good...


    More pics here...
  2. I agree the outfit is terrible but I still think she looks fantastic for her age.
  3. Yup, the outfit is terrible - she's way too pale to wear such a color....
    But she sure does look great for her age.
  4. I could do without the view of that midriff as well, she looked fab in her time and I think some people have trouble letting go..
    You can get away with so much more at 25...

    And if Sharon read this, she would probably flip us the bird..
  5. The exposed tummy is what alot of people have a issue with... But I personally dont see an issue cause she looks good for her age and everything is still intact...
  6. Yeah, I like sharon. Especially when she goes glam.
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    While there was a slew of gorgeous stars, and models, on the Cannes catwalk for the premiere of The Search movie, it unexpectedly fell to Sharon Stone to prove that her Basic fashion Instincts were well off the mark for once.

    Wearing a black mini-dress which was low-cut with string ties, 56-year-old Sharon truly missed the fashion mark with her odd LBD.

    With her hair pushed off her face and large shades on, she looked more like Brigitte Nielsen than a Hollywood movie star.

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  8. :oh:
  9. Gorgeous.
  10. Ummmm...She has always looked classy but IMO she is overdoing it now. Those outfits don't become her...
  11. Beautiful! I love it
  12. She was such a good actress. I don't know what happened to her career.
  13. She looks great for her age. Madonna should take note.
  14. Love Sharon!
  15. Sex symbols do not fade with age, they make sure to stand out more.

    Well, they do if they are Sharon Stone, who made sure she was the centre of attention at the annual amfAr charity event in Cannes, France.

    Despite being surrounded in the world's top models, the 56-year-old stole the show as she headed to the red carpet on Thursday.

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    article-2636530-1E1DD76800000578-594_634x998.jpg article-2636530-1E1DD79C00000578-638_634x866.jpg article-2636530-1E1E4AF100000578-527_634x977.jpg article-2636530-1E1DD8C500000578-168_634x822.jpg article-2636530-1E1E3D7700000578-802_634x952.jpg