Sharon Stone turns 49!

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  1. Sharon Stone celebrated her 49th birthday at The Ivy with friends Melanie Griffith and Demi Moore.
    The DIVA FEVA was happening at celebrity restaurant/photo studio, the Ivy, on Beverly Dr. in Beverly Hills, on Friday afternoon. Demi Moore, Melanie Griffith, & Sharon Stone, all dined on the open air patio and exchanged gifts for Sharon Stone's 49th birthday.
    Melanie.jpg Demi.jpg Sharon.jpg Party.jpg
  2. Some more pics.
    Demi.jpg Melanie.jpg Sharon.jpg Sharon2.jpg Sharon3.jpg
  3. Don't know much about where they had lunch, but I just noticed that building behind the first Sharon Stone picture......looks like an old shady motel......:lol:
  4. Wow.. well, they certainly are a well preserved bunch. Happy birthday to the lady with the basic instinct. :graucho:
  5. I saw Sharon IRL a few years back and she is stunning.
    She looks great for 49
  6. Happy b-day Sharon! You look great. :smile:
  7. I think she looks great for her age.
  8. I always thought she was older? :shrugs: You can never tell in Hollywood!

    She obviously wanted to be seen, because celebs always go to The Ivy when they want to be photographed.
  9. She doesn't just look great for her age, she looks great, period!!! Most 20-year-old starlets in Hollywood don't look half as pretty as Sharon! I think it's something about the fineness of her facial bone structure.
  10. I never thought she was that pretty not even in basic instincts 1... but she does look great for her age!
  11. Shouldn't the tag on the gift Demi's carrying say "Sharon" instead of "Demi?" It looks like Demi is giving herself a gift. LOL
  12. She looks great for 49!! It is so weird how hollywood seems to remain young...plastic surgery I guess.
  13. She looks wonderful for her age, happy belated birthday to her! :biggrin: