Sharon Stone: No Basic Fashion Instinct

  1. 29th September 2006

    [​IMG] Sharon's a cut above the rest. Click enlarge to see the back of her outfit in full

    AS one of Hollywood's most glamorous leading ladies, Sharon Stone has always been a red carpet head turner.
    Unfortunately, clad in a bizarre black leather frock and fishnet stockings, the 48-year-old actress turned heads for all the wrong reasons during her latest public appearance.
    So as she tottered onto the stage at charity auction, Macy's Passport Gala, in Santa Monica, showing her back to the audience, there were visible gasps of bewildered horror at her choice of gown.
    While the dress, from the front, looked fairly indeterminate, it was another story from the behind.
    With two huge splits, stretching from her knees to her buttocks, the gown revealed more than a hint of bare bottom.
    Three inch shiny patent stilettoes and scoop necked netting around her shoulders, completed the fishwife look.
    Ironically, at the same benefit gala last year, Miss Stone was hit by a wardrobe malfunction when her backless Elsie Katz gown became unclasped. Sadly, she had no such excuse this time around.
  2. Poor thing! At her age, even tho she's beautiful and has a great bod, she shouldn't be trying so hard, you know? A little dignity goes a long way. Plus that dress doesn't even look like it fits her properly.
  3. Yeah i mean seriously, she's hot, but at a certain point, ie. 48 years need to come to terms with your age. I know Hollywood is competitive, and is like bizarro world, but after a certain age you look desperate and gross.
  4. Even if she was 21, this dress is still ugly. Sharon loves to be over exposed!
  5. ^ good point!
  6. ick:yucky:
  7. More pics

  8. I hate how everything she wears practically screams, "Hey, everybody! Look how great my ass and boobs are!"

    I swear, I've seen her in suits that are practically PAINTED on!

    Hehe, the hanging thing at the back reminds me of the back half of a bodysuit. (You know the one that snaps at the crotch?)
  9. It's like she has a tail hanging off the back of her dress. We get it....she knows she's hot. It's slimey to keep advertising it. Subtle sexiness would be more appealing.
  10. Well-put! :yes:
  11. yikes....
  12. one word comes to mind....pathetic
  13. ^haha!
    she lacks the awareness of being 50!