Sharing my new Ciaos Ciaos and Zucca

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  1. Just like momo.chan and bubblesung, my bags has just arrived from SH too. I am extremely pleased with my Inferno Ciao Ciao but unfortunately the same cannot be said about my Paradiso Zucca. I posted this on LJ ;

    Anyway, I just got two more Ciao Ciao recently and this makes my 3rd and 4th Ciao Ciao in my collection!

    Pics of my new bags :

    Attached Files:

  2. Aw, I'm sorry about your Paradiso zucca... Did you ask for a specific placement?
  3. I told Lindsey that I wanted baby Pucca to be visible and not cut off. She did got me the one but the rest is all mess up! What ticks me most is the unwrapped qee and missing original tag. What can I do? *sigh*
  4. Who is baby Pucca?

    Well, from what I hear, you can't return anything to the LeSportsac outlets so that's not an option... Maybe try putting it up on Craigslist or e-bay?

    I do agree, the print isn't "popping" on the zucca for me...

    Dana has a fantastic Paradiso zucca.
  5. i saw your post on lj and was admiring your ciao ciaos. i just ordered my first one and it seems like it's the greatest bag size ever.
  6. Thanks! I like Ciao Ciao a whole lot better than the rest, Campeggio comes a close second. :smile:
  7. congrats on your goodies :biggrin: great print on the inferno ciaociao!
  8. congratz on ur new bags! :yahoo:
  9. Congrats! I'm sorry your Zucca didn't work out. If it's any comfort, most of the qees on my wallets/bags that I have ordered from the outlet have not had the plastic wrapper still attached.:shrugs:
  10. I love your bags pinkpeony! But I am sorry that your zucca isn't really the way you'd like for it to be. I mean it's great that she was able to help you get a bag with baby Pucca on it but it doesn't help if the rest of the bag just isn't doing it for you. I guess eBay is a good option or maybe in time the bag will grow on you?
  11. LOVE your Inferno Ciao Ciao! Shows the print so well!!

    Oh, BTW. The Inferno Mamma Mia that I just got (and sold) from the SH outlet also didn't have the TAG attached:confused1:. Didn't bother me, though...

    I just sold it on Ebay because the straps were too short for me.

    Why don't you just sell your Paradiso Zucca on Ebay?

    You should be able to make a little $$ on it.

    Or you can send it to me and I'll sell it for you.:yes:
  12. Your ciao ciaos look fabulous, especially the inferno one. Congrats!:tup::tup:
  13. i LOVE them super duper CUTEEEE
  14. I actually kind of like the Zucca. I'm a pushover for the computer baby and the pink haired guitar kid. If it doesn't grown on you, you're sure to make some money off Ebay. It's a Zucca. Everyone loves a Zucca!!!!:happydance:
  15. I didn't realize that the qees can come unwrapped when ordering from the outlet. First time for me so now I know what to expect. Thanks for the info.

    Yeah, the rest of the bag is a huge letdown. The moment I realized sushiboy has got his head chopped off, I cringed!

    I don't really mind a missing tag but when looking at the bag with the green tag and handwritten SKU#, plus white price sticker really icked me a little bit.

    Thanks for your offer to sell it for me. :smile: I think I am going to hold on to it and see if I can find another zucca with better print placement. Maybe then, I'll sell it off. And I know that zucca can really fetch a high price, which is a consolation.