Sharing my new bracelet!

  1. My first post in this jewelry forum - isn't it gorgeous? What makes it extra special is that I got it from a someone whom I met on PF that has become a very dear friend! She gave it to me for my birthday! Just had to let you all know that time we spend here can result in very special friendships!
    Love to Lauren! :heart:


    and on my wrist


    Thanks for looking and letting me share!
  2. How beautiful! Happy birthday!
  3. happy birthday! enjoy the bracelet
  4. Happy Birthday, it's gorgeous! Is that hand made? Enjoy it - and thanks for sharing your friendship story!
  5. very nice. Happy birthday. Your friend is very talent and sweet.
  6. Nice bracelet. Happy Birthday!!!
  7. Happy Birthday - I love the bracelet!
  8. graceful, uhkiwi, mangowife, preciousmoment, Queen Mahra, harleyNemma - thanks for your birthday wishes! I have had the pleasure of either buying from, pming you or posting on some of your threads before!

    With some of the negativity in the forum, it is always nice to remember how honest, sweet and caring PFers can be!
  9. Pursemania - hi five! :tup:

    I just noticed your avatar - I saw the SF twins one year when my family and I were at the Cheesecake Factory in Union Sq for my birthday dinner! They were SO cute, and I got a picture with them, too! I saw them just a few weeks ago walking up Powell together, dressed alike of course! Have you seen them lately?
  10. Happy birthday!!! What a lovely bracelet!
  11. ^ mangowife: I saw them last fall and I just wanted to hug them - they were so adorable. I love that they take the time to get so dolled up. I saw someone who I thot was just one of them and I got so sad thinking that the other must be ill (they must be in their 80's) but it was yet another SFan elderly woman wearing leopard and was even using a hip leopard cane! :tup:
    Nice to hear from you!
  12. Happy birthday, she is a great friend, enjoy your bracelet! I love it when friends come together!Lol!!x
  13. Lovely!
  14. That is a very beautiful bracelet! Stunning!
  15. L~ it was my pleasure to get you this bday gift!!!:heart: You are such a dear friend to me!!! I hope you enjoy it!!!:kiss:

    :party:HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!:party: