Share Your Handbag Collection!!!!

  1. Hi Everyone i dont have pictures of my bags now but i will take pics of them and post them soon id like everyone to discuss our collections and list the the types of bags we all have i am an addict and love authentic bags i could never buy a fake i have:

    Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Speedy 30
    Louis vuitton Cerises Speedy 25
    Louis Vuitton Denim Fuschia Speedy
    Louis Vuitton Manhattan GM
    Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom Papillon
    Louis Vuitton Gold Suhali Le Fabuleux (paid an arm and a leg for it)
    Louis Vuitton Multicolore White Murakami Speedy
    Louis Vuitton Cerises Sac Fermoir (The one Uma Thurman holds in the add)
    Louis Vuitton Multicolore Black Alma
    Louis Vuitton Mini Monogram Josephine Black
    Louis Vuitton Mini Monogram Josephine light Blue
    Bronze Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag
    Chloe Paddington Black
    Chloe Red Silverado
    Chloe Limited Swarovski Silver Paddington ( Very Few made in Vegas only)
    Balenciaga White Office Bag
    About 10 Different Fendi Baguettes ranging from logo print to snakeskin
    Fendi Beige Long Tote Bag
    Fendi Patent Logo Frame Print Bag
    Fendi Black and White Long Tote
    Hermes Birkin Snakeskin Bag (Crazy expensive i almost died when i bought it :cursing: )
    Chanel Vintage Red doctor bag
    Chanel Tweed Clutch
    Marc Jacobs Blue Venetia
    Marc Jacobs Whiskey color perforated Brigitte
    Kielston-Cord Alligator Tote
    Megan Park Embroidered Bag

    And i was born and live in manhattan so i have some vintage Clutches as well i love bags with a passion so everybody feel free to list their bag collections and please add pictures if you can i will be adding some pictures my self of my bags soon
  2. WOW!! Your handbag collection is to die for!!!
  3. i wsa jsut going to say. we have a section for ppl to post pics of there bags
  4. sorry guys i completely forgot my dior saddle bags i have about 2 of them and i have the boston bag i can believe i forgot!!
  5. Like the others said we have a place for bag collections in the bag Showcase.