Share your 2019 bag offers!

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  1. Congrats on these delicious beauties!! May I ask what color the bag is?
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  2. Love love love!!! Great choice.
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  3. My SA reached out with the possibility of a Gold Constance 24 (no word on leather, HW, or price). My wishlist has been a black/blue/gray Constance so I can dress it up or down. I am currently using a M/L Chanel Double Flap in Black Caviar as my dressy/work party bag. But, obviously I'm impatient and always worried if I turn an offer down another will not come. In December I got a K32 after a four year drought of H bags. Should I pass on the Gold and keep waiting or just take what is offered?
  4. Ohhhh so pretty with the ghw! Congrats!
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  5. That’s a stunning bag!
    Such a beautiful toned down orange. Making me regret not having looked at it when I was offered one :crybaby:
    Lesson learned...
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  6. Do you own any gold? It works with everything. It wasn’t on my Constance wish list, but after several other buys, it is now on my list.
  7. I don't believe in buying something out of fear, because you'll usually still want your original combo, and these bags are too expensive to settle for and not use!
    That said, how easy would it be for you to go see the bag in person? You may feel very strongly one way or the other once you're in front of the bag! I fell in love with my C24 when seeing it in person, after feeling very meh when it was described to me on the phone.
  8. I own a gold/black belt strap and gold Orans. I reach for those accessories the most with jeans and similar casual clothes. But my formal work wardrobe is basically black and navy, and I always find pairing gold with those colors makes the look more casual.

    This is what I'm afraid of. I would love the Constance 24 for casual outfits (and if money was never an object). The problem is that even if I took the Constance 24 I would still "need" a dark mini K, K pochette, or C to fill the "formal" void. I emailed my SA to ask if the bag is actually in or just expected. I can only make it to the store on weekends, but I will see what she says.

    What color is your C24 if I may ask?
  9. Bleu brighton
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  10. My wardrobe is full of dark neutrals, so I originally wanted a statement color. The C24 I was offered (a verso Bleu Agate/Gris Mouette) was not what I had in mind, but I never regretted the purchase and it's still my go-to bag (on good weather days).
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  11. She is beautiful and I absolutely adore the scarf too! The colors on this are brilliant!
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  12. Thank you!
  13. Kelly Ado backpack toffee
    I was this 2 weeks ago. It was really cute but I have a Gold Kelly and the colors too similar. So glad I turned it down bc I would not have been able to get Bleu Brighton Birkin
  14. Mini Kelly in blue du nord phw-- passed and my friend ended up getting it!
  15. We are quite alike, my wardrobe is full of blacks and greys. But I don’t find gold hard to match. My original preference was a c24 in black or grey too but when I was offered a c24 I decided to see it. I’m glad I did and I fell in love. I would recommend you have a look and try if you have not already done so. Here’s a pic of mine just to help with your decision making :smile: