Share your 2019 bag offers!

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  1. She was going to bring it out, I Googled the color and said don’t worry about it. I’m sorry.
  2. No worries, thank you. I'm just glad the color is still around and being offered.
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  3. Well, I think we all got hypnotized by the beautiful rose gold hardware. Take me... take me...
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  4. Did you take any of those babies home?
  5. #455 Feb 10, 2019
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    And am kicking myself a little for not even wanting to see the Vert Cypress bag, the day after I bought an H dark green blue hat (ermm, also vert cypress I found out today)... Who does that? :facepalm:
    It’s not the green I have in my dream list (but who knows), so it’s best not to be tempted, but I should have at least looked at it...:cursing:

    The problem is my will power around bags ranks slightly stronger than my will power around cheese, which is not to be trusted, so is better to be safe than sorry.
  6. I think RA has only been offered in Swift Leather for non-SOs in bags. I'd love to know if that has changed.
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  7. RP and Cactus???!!!! I would totally be :eek:
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  8. They’re both gorgeous colors, but neither one a color I wear enough to justify buying a bag of this caliber, unfortunately :sad:
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  9. These beauties were a surprise when I arrived at the Chicago private eventCame home and found her a home on the purse wall
    B9289626-CB9F-4BAC-A7DC-A5F7DAC02992.jpeg 296CDE00-C7D0-44C5-BC23-22EF76C0C8F8.jpeg
  10. Please post more photos of the scarf in the scarf thread! Gorgeous!
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  11. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s based on Sudanese African tribal mask
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  12. Nope. It's being offered in Epsom Sellier too.
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  13. Sorry, I meant Birkins. :smile:
  14. No worries love!
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  15. Thanks for your advice. After being tormented by the decision making process, I think the abricot in the smaller size sings out to me more :lol: