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    Just got off the phone with my SA and she offered me:

    K28 Blue Paon Retourne PHW
    B35 gris mouette/blue agate PHW
    K35 Black Togo GHW

    My strict 2017 wishlist is comprised of a K28 Malachite GHW
    B30/B35 Etain GHW

    Should I cave and get the B35 Gris Mouette?

    Should I follow my New Year's Resolution to stick to my wishlist?

    What bags have been offered to you guys in 2017? Did you accept or did you decline?
  2. Stick to your list. Be strong! I love my B35 Etain ghw that I got last year. I don't have a local SA so I have to wait until I return to Paris in May to see my SA.
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  3. Got offered a B25 in Gris mouette
    But I'm not quite a Birkin person. Asked for Kelly cut or Kelly pochette
    Finally took k cut black ghw home! Shop still has bleu paon, craie k cut
  4. in last two weeks, I've been offered a Trench B35, PHW and Noir/Blue Agate B35 (rejected SO). Turned down both.
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  5. I am gonna "look at" the B35 Gris Mouette out of curiousity. I'll try to stay strong!
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  6. This week, my podium order arrived. I just received a b30 Gris Mouette (GM interior) PHW. I loved all my Bs and K equally until now. My heart skips a beat when I see her.......

    Good luck, be strong and only buy what you really ❤️
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  7. I've recently been offered a trench w/ ghw togo birkin 25. I am hunting for a black one so I caved but it was a magical number that I am sure will regret in the future.

    Trying so hard not to cave!

    My 2017 wish-list:
    1) 30 birkin etoupe w/ghw in togo or epsom
    2) 28 or 32 sellier kelly black w/ phw in epsom
    3) 25 birkin black in togo or epsom. No preference on the hdw

    The above have been on my wish list for quite some time and are the last remaining ones.
    Let's see how much I can achieve in 2017!
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  8. I couldn't sleep last night all because of this issue!! I'm trying to stick with my list too and it's really hard!! I was just offered rouge grenat B with GH but I wanted a K with silver....the problem is having the self control when I go to the store. I think I'll tell my SA to not show me the B!!
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  9. I would absolutely stick to your list. Unless you were offered something you've been heavily thinking about, but it hasn't made the "list", it's best to pass. You never know what could be coming and there may be something on your list arriving around the corner!!! I've tried really hard to stick to my list, and while for some bags it may have taken longer than I hoped for, it's been best in the end.

    GL with you decision!
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  10. You are absolutely right. I think we can sometimes get caught up in the moment. The excitement of a new bag, etc. and of course when you go look at the bags they are all so beautiful, whether on your list or not. We need to stay focused!!
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  11. Ha ha!! I am not going to look! I know I will cave!
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  12. I'm pretty sure it will find a nice spot in your repertoire. It's such an awesome neutral!
  13. Welp, you and me both with the sleepless nights. Lol! I will say that Rouge Grenat with the GHW is drool worthy! If I did not have it in C24 enamel, it would make it's way on my 2017 wishlist!

    P.S. Why dont you join me, look at it too!
  14. EAsier said than done. I have no willpower at all. I love it ALL!

    But there is the risk you will remember "not" seeing this bag forever and REGRET it.
  15. So I talked to my husband last night and debated on what to do. We are going to Barcelona in the spring and planning to take a side trip to Paris and try my luck in FSH. We agreed that I should look at the B35 GM since it is almost in the same family as one of my wishlist bags B35 Etain. If I fall in love, we'll get it and not do the side trip to FSH anymore since the B35 GM is guaranteed mine and in FSH is a gamble, though there is a good amount of $ that will be saved. Since the savings will probably be spent on an SLG or a Chanel bag anyway. Lol! (He knows me too well)

    Do you guys think this is a good plan?
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