share pics of ur box that have a beautiful patina!!

  1. :yes: :idea: hey everyone, i've been thinking about purchasing a box kelly. i've heard wonderful things and negative things about box though, like it scratches, but also over time it develops a beautiful patina. that's where this new thread comes in, i was hoping if any of you here have box accessories or bags that u've had for a while and have a patina developed throughout the years, you'd be able to share with me and other tpf members as well. thanks to you all!!
  2. my 38 yrs old box kelly
    HPIM0680.JPG HPIM0681.JPG HPIM0719.JPG
  3. ^How gorgeous Umamanikam!
  4. This is why I love box - ohhh the patina. I dream about it. I have 2 3-4 yr old box Dalvys and they do not shine like my vintage box. It's a long wait.

    1959 black box 32 Kelly:


    1993 chocolate box 35 Kelly:


    1986 Chocolate box 31 Trim II:

    I can take more pics later - my digital camera's broken (waaaah)
  5. What beauties!
  6. gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Gorgeous bags Katel and Umamanikam.
  8. Great Collection, Katel!!!
    The Trim looks splendid:yes:

    Here's two pictures of a checkbook cover from 1980, which I used to own.
    Patina on this piece was amazing & the feel was just silky;)
    01_vintage_box.JPG 02_vintage_box.JPG
  9. a 1946 kelly 35:

  10. Those bags are just incredible!
  11. your bags are indeed I understand everyone's love of box:heart: :love: :heart:
  12. The patina on those black Kellys are amazing! It's almost mirror-like...
  13. waahhh power drool!! These are soo nice! Thanks for sharing !!!
  14. Wow... very impressive!! They age so well. I can't believe dressage queen's is over 50yrs old!!
  15. Thank you for posting these pics! They are AMAZING!:heart:

    How long does it take to develop a patina on your box bags? :confused1: