Shampoo recommendations please?

  1. I have thick, black straight hair that tends to wave slightly at the ends. I have problems using shampoo because my hair becomes greasy again sometimes several hours after washing with some products.

    I wash my hair and let it air-dry. I also use conditioner very rarely because most brands weigh my hair down. I color my hair also.

    Upto date I've use Paul Mitchell (Awapuhi and Tea Tree), Kiss my Face, Clairol, Head and Shoulders, Neutrogena, Matrix and Burts Bees because someone recommended natural shampoos. Nothing makes my hair look good except for the Awapuhi (before they changed the formula) and good old Prell which I've used out of sheer desparation.

    Does anyone know of a good shampoo/conditioner combination for thick and greasy hair?
  2. You must be my hair twin! I also have thick black straight hair that is wavy at the ends. My hair also has a tendancy to get greasy sometimes after using certain products. I've tried nearly everything to help so I'd def love to see people's responses to this. Great thread!
  3. How about using conditioner just on your ends? Sorry I can't offer up any pearls of wisdom, my hair is the opposite.
  4. Merika,
    You should try a shampoo to help normalize your scalp. I would recommend L'anza Remedy Shampoo. Try it for about 6 weeks and this may help to regulate your sebacious glands. Also, your problem might be the way you're shampooing your hair. Make sure that the shampoo goes on the SCALP and the conditioner on the ENDS. Make sure to use the pads of your fingers to scrub and then rinse, rinse, rinse, is possible that you're leaving some residue in your hair which can add to the problems you're experiencing. You should rinse by splitting your hair in several sections (From forehead to nape, like orange slices) and letting the water run through. Also, do not use excessively hot water on your hair as this activates the sebacious glands and will multiply your problem. Do a final, cool/cold rinse. If your scalp is indeed a problem, try using a bore bristle brush to help disperse the oils (They will only travel 1" on their own in a 24 hour period.) before shampooing. And you could also try a dry shampoo in between washings, Sebastian makes a great one called "Dry Clean". Hope that helps!
  5. ^^^Your suggestions were helpful to me, too. Thank you!^^^

    Hi Merika! You mentioned using natural shampoos...Aveda has a Rosemary Mint shampoo and a Scalp benefits shampoo for oily hair/scalp. Their aromas are wonderful and their products are great. There's more info. on their website as well.
  6. ITA
    Aveda is great!! That is all i use. I have very oily fine fine hair, and I only use Aveda. The rosemary mint is awesome!
  7. i use keratase's divalent line for oily scalp/oily hair (they do one for oily scalp/dry hair too), and it seems to help my hair hold up against greasiness better than the other shampoos i've tried.
  8. Thank you for all the helpful suggestions!
  9. L'anza makes a great normalizing shampoo.
  10. I alternate between Suela y Canela and Between the Zone Strip Search.

    However, my hair is so oily that Citgo calls every day wanting drilling rights, so if your hair is dry, or even "normal." whatever that is, Strip Search especially is probably not for you. I like it because it works even better than dishwashing liquid, just to put the oil issue in perspective....
  11. AVEDA. Their shampoos are the best, hands down!!
  12. I don't wash my own hair always go to hairdresser but my daughter swears by Tigi oatmeal shampoo & conditioner
  13. Check out the Bumble & Bumble website and see the different products. They are my favorite--and I tried so many hair products. My friend has hair like you and uses conditioner before she washes her hair. You might want to try a shampoo that takes out all the stuff you put in, I think with Bumble and Bumble it is called Sunday shampoo-you use it once a week.
    I have had a lot of reactions to hair products, they usually make my scalp itch. My hair is full but looks fine, it also has a tendency to look greasy even though I wash it every morning---this was more of a problem when I tried to let my hair grow out. Now that I have short short layers, think rocker pixie cut--my hair looks fantastic.
    Good luck.
  14. A friend of mine uses "WEN by Chaz Dean" and she swears by it! It is a bit pricey but it can be found on QVC (where you can return it if you don't like it) or on his site. She has thick hair and gorgeous curls and I swear it looks 10x better since she began using his products!
  15. You might be my hair to share a pic of your hair? I'd love to see it!!