Shall I buy it

  1. Ok so I really want a paddy - I went on net-a-poter as I live in UK - saw this

    What do you think , I really like it - but do you think it is not as nice as the Whisky - they did not have Whisky ..... I do really like the Dove colour .. opinions ??

    Also are there any codes around for NAP to get free shipping etc
  2. The dove is the same as the mousse. I posted lots of pictures of my mousse bag, it is very gray/green.

    Now, I love this color - but, it is not for everyone.

    It looks nothing like the pale blue/gray you see online.
  3. I think there might be shipping codes in the "Deals and Steals" area...there was one for NAP. "SPRING" maybe? Try that and see if it works. I just sold my big pocket in mousse/dove, but I have pics of the color. It is a big difference from whiskey. Whiskey is a rich reddish brown, while the dove/mousse is a grey-green color. But both are beautiful, and the dove/mousse has the silver hardware which is nice.
    Chloe Mousse Big Pocket on desk.jpg
  4. Yes, colors are quite different...advice really depends on your preferences (warmer/cooler) as well as shades you might wear the bag with.
  5. Hellol, I am trying to sell a Grenat Chloe Paddington which I got off Bluefly last weekend for $1300, if you are interested. This is a dark red color which you can find in the Chloe Paddington Colours thread (search for grenat). Thanks!:lol:
  6. buy it buy it.. you'll luuurve it
  7. i got the whiskey
  8. YAY! You will love the whiskey! Congratulations! Hope to see pics of your new bag soon! :nuts:
  9. I love the whiskey also
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