Shades of grey are all that I find...*REVEAL*

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  1. #1 Jan 23, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2009
    OOhhh look at that pretty packaging! Too bad I didn't catch the UPS man to see if he was a vampire as promised. Crap!

    I was waiting for her to bust out of her packaging like the Incredible Hulk. I was disappointed when I had to unwrap her. My hopes were so high!


    RESORT 07' SUEDE LINED GREY BLAKE! Oh you made my whole month better!


    Your smooshy suede interior makes me :drool:


    I really just love this color so much :tender:


    So Resort 07' suede lined grey Blake tpfer - whomever you are - thank you! She's beautiful and looks verrrrry gently worn. I've had so much luck on the 'bay with people describing correctly and this is another score!

    I had bought a Blake at the Nordies sale a couple of months ago but it was in So Cool leather. I loved the shape but wasn't too keen on the leather and realized I am a classic calf girl to the max! The leather, the color, the hardware is exactly what I was looking for. :yahoo:
  2. congrats!! OMG what a beauty!
  3. OMG I logged back on MJ just in time! this is so gorgeous !!!!! I absolutely adore this color! it is just stunning! congrats!!!
  4. OMG, I love that color. It is so amazingly beautiful, i wonder is stellas were made in this color. Were they?

    Congrats btw
  5. wow! a blake in my favorite color. gorgeous. congrats, rachie!
  6. AHHHHHHHHHH so pretty! Love that color! I feel like petting my computer screen because that leather looks so soft. Too bad about the UPS man- I was hoping it would be Edward for you!
  7. Gorgeous! Enjoy!
  8. Oh, Rachie! So gorgeous!! I love the lilac undertones to that grey, and the Blake is such a classic bag. Sorry your UPS man didn't have sharper incisors, but at least he brought you MJ love!
  9. Thanks so much for the luuuvvvv, ladies! I can't wait to take her out for a spin this weekend.

    Apparently I deleted a picture from the initial thread and is too late to edit LOL. That's where the Hulk comment came from because he was packaged so well!
  10. Gorgeous---I was watching that one--I'm so glad the winner was one of the "family". Congratulations Rachie!!
  11. It's gorgeous! I just love the Blake and especially in that color. Congrats Rachie!
  12. Love that bag! I was watching that one, too. It is a great color. Congrats!
  13. OK OK OK OKO KOK OKOKOKOKOKOKOKO...crazy finders as I love GRAY!!!! Fabulous Rachie!!!
  14. amaaaaaaaaaaaazing! love that color...

  15. Love it!!!!!