SF bay area shopping day????

  1. Some of the tpf girls are trying to get together in San Francisco in March for a day of shopping and lunch. The date hasn't been set yet. It looks like they are trying for a Saturday. Anybody interested?
  2. I wish :nogood:... I'll be there in spirit:tup:. Have a great time.
  3. I would love to come! Keep me posted!

    Some of you may not know me b/c I only have 2 Choo bags so my expertise with Choo is much more limited than the rest of you, so I am mostly quiet here, but I love reading all your posts and would love to introduce myself - and shop! - in person! :tup:
  4. I would :heart::heart::heart: to come, but I doubt I could justify a trip to the West Coast right then :nogood:

    But have a Wonderful time :choochoo::choochoo:
  5. Nice to "meet" you hitchcockblonde! :flowers:

    March seems a little too early for me. :sad: How far is SF from Burbank?? I'm not too familiar. I might be there this June.
  6. SF is quite a ways from Burbank unless you are going to fly or take a day or two and go the scenic route up the coast. The weather can be quite nice at this time of year as well. It is in the low 60's today and sunny.
    I think they set the date for March 23, which will not work for me.:sad:
  7. Thanks Jm! Guess I'll miss it too. Too bad..
  8. i've always been a fan of jimmy choo shoes but i'm fairly new to the bags so a lot of you probably aren't very familiar with me.

    I would love to meet up with everyone & have a fun shopping trip @ Usquare though.

    keep me posted once you guys have picked a day.