Seven Jeans?

  1. Everytime I see a pair of seven for all mankind jeans I try them on because I keep hearing how great they are, but they fit horribly on me!! Is it that I'm getting the wrong style? They make my butt look flat and they are baggy in areas they shouldn't be, also they have a high rise on my 5'3" frame, even though they say low-rise.

    What styles and cuts do you wear your seven's in?

    *I actually wear 7seven (not SFAM) jeans, the french brand, because they fit me so nicely.
  2. I just ordered a pair from and they should be here in a couple of days. I'm also 5'3", BTW. I looked at several pairs (they provide pics of every angle) and noticed some flattened out the rear and others didn't. I ordered a pair that didn't appear to flatten. I'll let you know how it turns out when I get them.
  3. Thanks Lynlaine! ;)
  4. I've noticed that not all styles are flattering on everyone (from trying them on and/or seeing them on people) but the styles that work best for people in general are the A-pockets and Flynts
  5. which styles have you tried on? i think the NYD Bootcut are a nice starter pair and the A Pockets and Flynts are nice too. if you dont like the baggy legs stay away from the Dojos.

    i love 7famk, but i find the jeans that fit me the best are True Religions. they make my booty look good and i've found myself wearing them a lot more often that my Sevens lately.
  6. there are many brands that simply just dont fit certain people, not matter what style you try on. For me, the only sevens that I can wear are the A-pocket ones, and they make my butt look GREAT! haha
  7. I have noticed the same problem with SFAM jeans! I was wondering if it was just me that couldn't find a pair I was in love with. That's why I don't own any. But, I love my Rock & Republics.
  8. I've tried on numerous ones, and they never worked for me. So far I have a pair of Paper Denim that are great!! Think I"ll try TR next!! or COH
  9. I love the NYD Bootcut too! Some styles have stretch and some dont' which might explain why some flatten the booty and some don't? I think a little stretch is good...helps on those days when I am feeling bloated/PMS but still want to wear my cool 7's.

    The only thing I don't like is that they are so LOOOONG on me. Man, I wish my legs were miles long! So I get them hemmed and keep the frayed edge preserved. If the style has an extreme flare leg I pass because after chopping off a few inches what's left of the flare looks really silly :nuts: .
  10. I actually have the same problem with SFAM jeans. They just don't look good on me :shrugs:

    Miss Sixty and AG jeans fit me the best, so I only stick with those. I may also try TR one of these days.
  11. They flatten the butt majorly.. this is because their is hardly any detailing on the back pockets... if u want ur ass to look super hot.. get a pair of jeans with heaps of detailing that stands out on the pockets.. like VBs crowns.. or pockets... as they add another dimension to the butt..
  12. I wear their A pockets since it has stretch in it.. Lately though, I've been really uncomfy when wearing the 2 pairs that I own.. Maybe it means I need to go one more size up :P
  13. 7FAM look great on me, but no jean is for everyone. For instance, everyone seems to love Paige, but they look terrible on me and don't fit me right! So everyone's different. My favorite 7FAM are the NYD Bootcuts.
  14. This is so true. That is why True Religions are great for enhancing the back area, they have that flap that gives it dimension. I have a "medium sized" butt so I would never wear jeans with no pockets on the back. It would make it look non-existent =)
  15. My Seven jeans arrived and OMG they are so soft and comfortable. They don't flatten my butt out and neither do they lift and round it out (like Blue Cult, butt-lifters). I think they look just right on me and ohh so comfortable! I just need to hem them -- going to try and use the original hem method (first time to actually try this).

    I also bought a pair of Christopher Blue jeans. These are great as well.