Seriously not happy with my SA right now!

  1. Ok, I usually love my SA...was just singing her praises last night....well, I wanted to go into today and get my name down on some lists (groom, etc) and just check out the 'book' with the upcoming releases and start think about what my DH should get me for my birthday....but she's on vacation....

    No, that's not why I am not

    I was down for a certain item, that was delayed coming in...she sent me a card on July 14, saying I was first on the list and she would call me as soon as it came it.

    After I hung up, I got to thinking, surely that came in by now, so I call back. SA says oh, yeah those came in...a couple of weeks ago and sold out. :hysteric:

    She gets a manager who is trying to hunt one down, but I don't have a good feeling.:crybaby:

    Not a happy camper! :rant: :censor: :mad:

    Ok, I know it's a small problem in the scope of things...still can't help but be disappointed!
  2. I hope that they are able to do something about the situation. That is horrible that you were promised to be notified and your SA didnt follow through!
  3. I hope they'll find one for you.
  4. hope everything turns out well! :angel:
  5. yeah, a similar thing happened to me, last summer I was planning to get my BH, I call my SA (at least the one I use to frequent the most) on like a Thursday saying I'd be up Tuesday to pick one up, could they take my cc or make sure one will be there or whatever, she said it would be no problem they have a lot....I said are you sure, I'm traveling a long ways, this is my only opportunity to get up there (I was in the area for work, etc.) anyway, I call her the day before to firm up and she said there's none left....I was MAD, she found me one at another location not too far away but I was angry....I can imagine how you feel, sometimes makes me want to just use eluxury all the time.......
  6. For which bag you put your name down?
  7. That sucks! I hope they can track it down for you.
  8. That happened to me with the Pastel Glitter bag. Still a little hurt until this day. They called me though when it sold out and I was not the 1st person on the list.
  9. Ugh..I'm sorry!
    I have horror stories like that with the Neiman counter here..fortunately they were never items that were limited.
  10. OK, well I hope everyone doesn't think I am silly, wasn't a bag, but the antigua brown towel. I didn't want to jinx it by naming it.

    Anyway, it's on it's way from NY, they are sending it fed ex (free shipping, for the problems). It may be one of the last 2 available in the US. The computer showed 6 available, but when the SA started calling there were 3 on hold at Rodeo, and one going from another CA store to Rodeo when she got this one in NY, so it was very close.

    Anyway, likw I said...maybe silly to het worked up over a towel...but I so wanted it to match my antigua brown GM, and charm mules and pouchette cles. I love the Antigua brown, because it goes so well with mono too.

    The towel will soon be in this picture :smile:

  11. Sorry picture is so big, can't figure out how to make it smaller. Is there a good free site that gives you thumbnails to use?
  12. So, now what do I do? Generally really like her, but I feel like she let me down. Do I stay with her or switch SA's to the girl who helped me track the towel down?
  13. Congratulations on the Antigua towel! I think it will look gorgeous with the rest of your collection. As for your SA, perhaps give her a chance to explain? Next time you see her maybe you can tell her the story of how you got the towel and see if she apologizes or says anything. Then you can make your judgment from there.
  14. im sorry this had to happen, but i'm glad you are getting your towel! lets just hope this was all a misunderstanding or mistake and it wasn't intentional!
  15. I'm so glad to hear that it's on its way to you! That totally sucks that your SA forgot about you, though. I hate it when that happens.