Series Finales - Which show had the best one? The worst?

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  1. I hate series finales. If I like a show, I don't want it to end. And watching what I know will be the Very.Last. Episode of a show I've enjoyed watching, maybe for years, just plain makes me sad and annoyed. Just like getting to the end of a really good book.

    Plus, series finales usually suck.

    Sometimes they run to self-indulgent, even fourth wall-flirting sloppy pieces of sad crap, sometimes both cast and writers get carried away with their own emotional flotsam and faux Spielberg the thing to death, a sleazy technique that, even if it "succeeds" in making me cry, I resent that it's making my cry even as I reach for the Kleenex, and in between sniffles, mutter choked curses at the asshats who did this to me.

    Maybe all that sadness and sentimentality cause me to block the damn things out, because usually, no matter how rich and detailed my memories of the show itself - I don't remember a thing about specific Final Episodes!

    Of course, sometimes the finale can become even more famous than the show - I never watched a single episode of The Sopranos, but of course I know about the finale - it was a lead story on the US National news the next day, and was talked about all over the world for weeks - and all they did was nothing. Literally. (In case you have been living under that proverbial rock for the last couple of decades, they ran most of an episode, blah blah - then just went to a black screen).

    There is, however, one exception - Six Feet Under.

    THAT series finale was so good that even if you haven't seen the show, and have no interest in seeing it, you should still watch the last episode. It won't matter that you don't "know" the characters, or anything that went on before. The finale stands on its own two feet. It really is that good.

    In fact, it was so memorable, so exactly what and how a series finale (if the show really must end) should be, that I think the same treatment, the same formula, should be mandatory for every TV series that has a finale. (Most of them just get cancelled without notice, so they don't really get much of a chance to do one at all).

    So what Series Finale do YOU think was the best? The worst?
  2. Shimma, my TV watching doppleganger! As soon as I saw the title for this thread, I instantly thought of Six Feet Under! I loved the show and all its just plain weirdness.
    But the ending of the show was brilliant. With Claire driving to New York to start the next chapter of her life to the tune of Sia's Breathe Me, we see the rest of the lives of all the characters from the show. Just brillliant. I get choked up every time I watch that episode.
  3. ^^ I thought what they did was brilliant. (I now have Breathe Me on my iPod.)
  4. I liked the way they ended Seinfeld. I know it didn't make sense to a lot of people, but it was great how they made the self-centered characters answer for the way they were throughout the entire series.

    It brought back favorite characters and showed clips of the best parts throughout the series.

    I thought it would have been funnier if they had to stay in the cell together the entire time, but that wouldn't have been realistic.
  5. I'm with everyone else in saying Six Feet Under is the best ever! I don't think any other TV show can come close to the ending of SFU. I've watched through the whole series about 6 or 7 times and the finale still has me in tears with goosebumps on my arms.
  6. I liked how they ended Will & Grace.

    I didn't like the idea of them fighting and separating for a while but I realized they needed to temporarily get out of the codependant relationship in order to move on with their respective partners/children.

    During the separation, Grace even said that she felt they were destined to end up together. At the time, she thought she was wrong, but they ended up reuniting when their kids went to college. I liked that.

    Some time later their children ended up getting engaged.

    I liked how they fell back into their old habits like nothing had changed when they were talking about the engagement.

    "You want to go to the bar?"

    "All right."

    "Don't wear that gold jacket."
  7. Six Feet Under was the absolute best finale i have ever seen on tv. hated the Sopranos ending.
  8. Not in reply to caitlin but I planned on posting those two before I opened the thread.

    Seinfelds finale was one of the worst I have ever seen, yes I am a sucker for my series and I get attached to the characters along the way, I felt the final episode was completely detached from the rest.

    Will and Grace was very disappointing to me as well, I didnt like the fact that their friendship presented all along as an incredibly special bond basically dissolved as soon as they had their own families, it made a lot of things that happened in previous episodes worthless. Loved Karen and Jack singing Unforgettable in the end though, when he gets up from the piano and smiles at her, you can see its beyond the series characters, that there is also Sean smiling at Meghan:smile:.

    The L word - again no closure whatsoever, leaving everything hanging in the air. Uugh.

    I guess I dont like when the finales are made to be completely different from the whole series, doesnt make sense to me. You make a series finale make it the best freaking episode of them all, dont go for artsy or try out stuff that we have never seen in the series before.
  9. i agree, will and grace was extremely disappointing.

    i loved the SATC finale; friends was great too.
  10. This was back in 1993, but I loved the end of Cheers. I was in highschool but had always watched the show and it seemed like the perfect ending.

    I thought Seinfeld was a bad ending. I understand what they were trying to do because the characters were VERY self-centered, but it was just too over the top.
  11. Loved the way Cheers and Friends ended.
  12. I loved the ending for The Shield.

    The ending for The Sopranos almost killed me. DH and I were on vacation and we ran back to the hotel to see it. We were sitting on the sofa and when the screen went black, I jumped over the coffee table, tripped, and smacked my head on the door. I managed to turn the TV on and found...a black screen. And then credits. We heard the people in the room next to us yelling at their TV. There ended up being about ten of us running into the hallway trying to find out what happened.

    But the worst ending? Stargate. It was like watching paint dry.
  13. I love the Friends and Monk ending. They were just great. Especially Monk.
  14. Shimma Puff, I agree... I loved the finale to Six Feet under (and was very disappointed with the Soprano final).
  15. Good to see so many fellow 6 Feet Under Finale fans, I didn't know there were so many of us!

    I read somewhere here that the life of Nip Tuck is drawing peacefully to its close - anybody know if this is true?