Serial Numbers

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  1. I was just wondering if any of you knew why the way the serial number in my 06 paddy and 07 bowler look the same, but my the serial number on my new edith is printed on a black lable and says 168-BM-0107. :confused1:
  2. This is such a great question! I hope someone answers it soon!
  3. The serial number on my o6 and 07 are printed on what looks like a light tan tag
  4. Are the serial numbers on all ediths like mine?
  5. I don't approve of quoting exact serial numbers on line so won't give you my bag numbers.

    However, I have 2 Chloe bag types, both bought recently from suppliers that are beyond suspicion, with different labels.

    Large black Betty - black leather label
    Roche front pocket Paddington - tan leather label
  6. i just got my edith and tag is the same leather as the bag with letters included...