serial number question

  1. hi!!! id like to ask if all lv items have serial numbers on them?? i have the poppincourt haut and it has hubby has this monogram long wallet and i cant see the serial number..

    he recently just gave me a damier 26 papillon and it also doesnt have a serial number...all of these items were bought in the lv store here in the philippines..

    thanks so much!!! :smile:
  2. Here is where Papillon's serial # us:
  3. There is a thread about date codes elsewhere........but yes. All of the newer LV's have date codes. Some LV's in the 80's (don't remember specifically what year) and back don't have date codes. The location depends on the specific bag.
  4. Try to look at the lining, by the zipper, some of them are hard to find. I've yet to find the serial number on my mono french wallet. Can anyone tell me?
  5. They are usually pretty hidden. My wallet has it on the inside of the zipped compartment:
  6. ohhh..i thought all serial numbers are like that of the a tag that you can easily see..ill try to look for the numbers...thanks so much :smile: