Serial No. A2J-6009.....Ever Heard Of It?

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  1. My BF just messaged me saying he found a Coach bag at Goodwill for 5 dollars. He says it's a small black bag with siggy on the outside. I'm still waiting for him to get back to me about the lining (he's still there as I type.)
    As I mentioned he says the serial number is A2J-6009. I Googled it and nothing comes up. Any information? Thanks!
  2. IDK, but it's only $5.00, take a chance you might be surprised!
  3. Yeah I think he bought it. It's for his mom so 5 dollars isn't really a loss. But I thought I'd ask anyway :biggrin:
  4. ^^ keep us updated. post a pic if you can! i'm curious.
  5. Thanks a lot Fox0r!!! I see they never used A2J......phooey. I hope he hasn't bought it already. He's in TX visiting his sister.
  6. At least it was $5 and not $150!
  7. Yup. I told him and he feels the same way. Hehe.
  8. so sweet though that he even had the thought of buying it though! :tup:

    and good job educating him on coach - to know to look for the creed and not everyone you see authentic :smile: