Sergent bag

  1. Hello all,
    I received the Sergent bag for my birthday and I love it. Does anyone else have it, and what do you think about it? Also, if you do have it, does your leather crease slightly on the top flap?
  2. Congrats!!!! Would love to see photos!!!!!
  3. This was one bag, I really liked.....congrats on getting one of the last ones !!
  4. OOOOHHHH. I absolutely LVoe this bag. Congratz!!!
  5. I wanted one of these but never could swing it, I'm glad you got one though.
    Are you keeping it stuffed when not in use?
    Can you post some photos?
  6. Congratulations! :tup:
  7. Congratulations.
  8. If I remember correctly, Syntagma, a fellow tPF'er, also owns a Sergent bag.

    Congrats on the new addition!
  9. Congrats- would love to see pics
  10. Thanks. I will take pics. Also, I love your Doxies. I have two of my own, Max and Dexter. Dexter is a pig and eats anything in sight!
  11. Very unique bag.
  12. I never liked the bag until I saw it on a girl the other day and I must say it's really nice! I love it. Would love to see modeling photos.
  13. Havent been on here in a long a Sergent GM last summer....and I wear her all the time now.
  14. Congrats, nice bag! Sorry don't have it so don't know about the creasing.
  15. Yes, I have the PM and it does crease slightly on the flap. It will also develop creases on the ends where the flaps and the straps meet (if that makes sense) because the flaps fold in when you wear it.

    I've been wearing it like crazy the past few months. It seemed to go with just about everything. Maybe it was ahead of its time. Now I need to to a search because I vaguely recall people being very anti-Sergeant when I got mine.

    Anyway, I found a modeling pic on my hard drive here at the office. A little out of season and bonus points if anyone can recognize the dress.