serendipity3kb's new miu miu bag!

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  1. quite the deal of the century! let her tell you all about it!
    quite a lovely tote. totally jealous!

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  2. I decided to browse today...not buy a thing. Until I reached Saks. Picked up this Miu Miu and loved the leather. Best part was the original price was 1029. and it was on sale for 409. Since this turned out to be my deal of the year I took these horrible pic's that Fayden resized for me. The bag was incorrectly priced in the computer as 109. and with Jersey tax it was a steal!
  3. Holy Cannoli - a good deal that became a unbelievable steal....

    It is beautiful - I can tell the leather is fab, and to be honest, I always look at the Miu Miu bags, I really like them.

    Super purchase - it would have still been a great deal at $409.

  4. It's wonderful that this happened to you. Wish similar deals to happen along, for all of us! (Sigh).
  5. I call that GOOD SHOPPING KARMA...and I'm so happy that some came back to you! What a steal!
  6. WOW great price! i'm jealous :biggrin: , it's a nice bag!
  7. What a bargain!
  8. Awesome price for awesome bag! Congrats :biggrin:
  9. WOW, that is an awesome price for an awesome looking bag. It was almost 90% off with the incorrect pricing discount ! :O
  10. Amazing deal! The bag looks great! Congrats!!!
  11. wowii!!! You got the deal of the century!! I love the color and the leather looks gorgeous. I love those braided handles. Such a great bag!! Enjoy it!!
  12. wowwwwwww
    and a great bag too!!
  13. omg it's gorgeous! i'm totally jealous. i love it.
  14. what a gorgeous bag...what a gorgeous deal!:nuts:
  15. Holy canoli! Makes me want to commute to Jersey right now and see if there are any left!