Sequin Audrey owners!

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  1. How's this bag holding out for you??? I like it!
  2. Still perfect here. No problems. I still love it alot.
  3. I saw it today for the first time and it's beautiful! This bag seems to be for special ocassions... Will this bag go well with jeans you think?
  4. I wear mine with dark jeans. I love the look.
  5. I think this bag looks super smart with jeans! And for special occasions. It really fools ya....It goes with a lot. If my money tree had more sun, at this time of year, I'd be getting this lovely!
  6. Thanks for the tip! I'm so getting this bag!
  7. I agree. I also have this bag and it is holding up very well and beautiful. I don't just use it for special occasions. I have been using it everyday and getting tons of compliments...You will love it!!!
  8. I had it and loved it for about a month. It's a stunning bag but I just got tired of it. I guess that's a obsessive disorder for bags.
  9. I still have not used mine....and the bag I got is wrinkled...not the sequins but the bag underneath so I am bothered by this. I think I am going to exchange it...don't know that I can bear to return it without getting a replacement
  10. I have this bag & I LOVE it!!! No problems with it at all. I've worn it with both casual & dressy clothes and it works either way.