Sequential Initials


Trying to be good
Feb 26, 2006
I never noticed but I do have sequential initials :nuts: : F.G
My sister has a funny one: N.G=No Good and she said it herself!:lol:
I remember in high school my friends and I laughed so much when we realised our French teacher's initials were W.C!


Addicted to H
Jan 15, 2006
Yes, indeed. The one nice thing about it is that my initials alone are the same as my husband and my "joint" monogram.

Joint monograms are when you take the first initial of the wife's name and the husband's name and put them on each side of their shared last name. It's most commonly used for towels, bedsheets, and cocktail napkins.


easily amused
Mar 11, 2006
IntlSet said:
I'm one of those girls that fantasizes about how my monogram will look with a guy's on our towels. :sad2:

i did that too. not that i ended up with good initials but it was fun to write monograms in my notebooks. and not as obvious and mrs. soandso whatever. :smile:

my maiden initials were MES. people always joked that they fit because i was so messy. :smile: and when my initials changed so did my organizational skills. i blame it all on the initials. :smile:

my married initials are MEH. i was kind of hoping to marry someone with a last name starting with G so they could be MEG (which is also a nickname) but no such luck.

when we first started dating (after being friends for a long time per my wishes), hubby said that since i've always said meh and if we got married those would be my initials, he'd always thought of it as a sign we were meant to be together, even if i didn't know it. :smile: so even though i'm not crazy about my initials, they make me smile. i usually just use the MH.

as far as the original topic my name fits in the alphabet