september ship date for cuff!

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  1. Has anyone else seen their shipping date go from July 27 to September 15 for orders made last month during the cuff sale? Disappointing:sad:
  2. Holy Cow! I just check mine too. That is a long time. Order date 6-12 ship date 9-15 If I knew it was going to take that long I wouldn't have ordered it. I'm having lots of strike out with celinas.

    Euc/BB- had the under color showing thru
    Euc- Canceled
    Black- Date pushed back.

  3. Yeah! I am so irritated. I actually posted about this in the deals chat thread before this got posted here. They should give us some kind of discount and at least let us know when they postpone things. We order these and sometimes get things as presents and rely on receiving them by a certain time. This is soooo HH!!
  4. This really ticks me off! I just spoke to Selina 2 days ago, and she said they were scheduled to arrive on 7/25 and she hadn't heard anything about them being delayed. I also don't understand how they charge us for something that hasn't shipped yet. Any other company I have ordered from charges you when the item ships. Why do they have my money and I have no cuff?
  5. ^^ Hate to say this but the same reason they take 4 weeks to process refunds! I'm in the same boat. No cuff yet either. Though when I do get it or cancel it, that will be the end of ordering through HH unless this company can get it together!
  6. We should all send them emails about their bad service.
  7. I finally checked and mine now also shows it's not shipping until 9/15, so just over 3 months from the date they charged my card. They either should have refunded the charge until they knew the item was ready to go, or they should pay interest b/c they have use of MY funds for 3 months. I realize that's only a teeny bit of money but it is the principal of the thing. At a minimum they should take a small deposit only, and bill the remainder when ready to ship :rant: