Sensitive to Eyeliners?

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  1. For those of you with sensitive eyes, prone to watering..etc what eyeliner works for you?

    I'm looking for a smudge proof / water proof eyeliner (that works) and may not cause me to go all teary eyed the moment I step out the door! It's a huge problem for me and I'm still experimenting.. but there's nothing I've tried so far that I can say I'm not possibly alergic to perhaps. So I'd love to know...

    Thank you. :heart:
  2. What brands have you tried so far? Have you tried Clinique yet?
  3. i like lancome artliner liquid eyeliner. i find it very easy to use & the applicator is not very stiff (which tends to irritates my eyes) :smile:
  4. I love Clinique, but I found their Quickliner for Eyes to be quite irritating. Their Cream Shaper for Eyes on the other hand doesn't, but it's not waterproof or smudge proof.

    To name a few I have used & can be ruled out are:
    Cliniques Eye Defining Liquid Liner
    Cliniques Quickliner for Eyes
    Cliniques Cream Shaper for Eyes
    Maybeline's Eyeliner-Matic
    Max Factor's Color Perfection Eyeliner
    Bourjois, aparently "very long lasting".

    I don't like using eyeliner which is applied with brush, only because I find it a little messy, and rather then putting it onto my eyes, I find myself taking it back off... :s
  5. i have sensetive eyes. I just bought some sephora waterproof eyeliners a week ago, and they dont bother my eyes at all :tup: rimmel eyeliner is ok too! i cant use a lot of maybelline ones they hurt my eyes :sad: i can use revlon liquid eyeliner as well. so sephora, rimmel, and revlon. im wanting to try urban decay :P
  6. I have sensitive eyes and allergic to all brands of liquid eyeliners so I stick to pencils. I don't use waterproof ones because that'll involve using an eye cleanser for waterproofs, which I'm also sensitive to. I use MAC.
  7. Okay! Sephora it is. Thank you so much, cristalena56! I'm going to give this one a go.
  8. Make up Forever is the ONLY one that works for me. Don't forget to look at those at Sephora.

    It's the the only one that doesn't run into my eyes and burn like hell, even after a girls night out at the club.
  9. Sephora and covergirl for pencils and Revlon color stay for liquid. I'm prone to eye infections and these have not caused irritation!
  10. nars black eyeliner! its the only one I use on my waterline without tearing up the whole day