Selling your CLs

  1. I think I am definitely going to have to sell my first pair as they are just too tight :tdown: My husband bought them for me so I feel really bad but will hopefully put the money towards another pair.

    So what pictures would be best to add on eBay? Side shots, red sole.. anything else (I don't have a box but do have the dustbag)?

    Also size wise I'd rather not give advice other than their stated size and say I'm usually that size and they are too tight at the toes - would this be ok?

  2. Sorry to hear to have to sell your first pair.

    When selling on eBay the more photo angles you take the better but you should definately include the soles, especially if they are unmarked. If you have only worn them once or twice then you need to mention it.

    As far as size goes, state the quoted size and the length/width of the insoles. You can mention that they are too tight for you and your normal Euro size. Also, say that the bidders should confirm that this CL sizing is suitable for them.
  3. Thanks for the tips. The soles are unmarked and they have only been tried on by me on carpet. My camera doesn't seem to be great at showing the soles though so I'll have to play with it for a while!
  4. I've sold a few pairs. You might want to include the heel and insole measurements in inches and cm. Also, make very clear that you do not accept returns. Period.

    Remember that you are essentially writing a binding legal contract, so you have to think about all the angles. I always take tons of pics, and even try to include a pic of some celeb or myself wearing the shoe. I think pics of CLs on the foot really sell the shoe as opposed to a pic of just the shoe.

    Also, consider BIN or best offer ... I've found that this works the best to get the price you want; otherwise, if you start hte auction at .99 or something, they never get about about $300 for pairs worn even just once.
  5. As stated earlier, definitely give insole measurements. Think about the questions that could be asked about the shoe, so you can give a detailed description. Take pictures of the soles, the sides, and from the top. List any flaws and the fact that there is no box. I have done the BIN or best offer and I have gotten ridiculous offers. I have sold stuff starting at a low bid and put a reserve on it. That way you won't feel that you didn't get enough money for you item.
  6. I would highly suggest plenty of pictures and have some close-ups. To help cut down cost, link the photo to your auction site, rather than pay for each picture or pay for a picture pack.
  7. If you have never sold on eBay you might want to check out the *bay thread on tpf and ask questions. There seem to be lots of things going on w *bay right now.
  8. I totally agree. Documentation is key. Make sure you know what and how to post in your auction, before hand. Good luck!!
  9. What size are they and which shoe? I might buy them if they're the right size :smile:
  10. Hope you don't mind me saying this but just a gentle reminder that there is no buying and selling allowed on this board .
  11. louboulush, i pretty much agree with what everyone else has said. pics are very important as well as stating what flaws (if any) the shoes might have. i usually take pics of the top/front, back, sides and the soles. insole length measurements are helpful but i find that buyers would still email asking for general sizing advice.

    my only other advice is to be patient. in general, i think the louboutin market on ebay is a bit slow at the moment. if you're not in a rush, then you should wait until you get your desired price. best of luck! :smile:
  12. Thanks everyone. I had a look at the ebay forum there and it all seems so scary. I've sold a few bits in the past but nothing very much :s

    I guess I'll give it a go anyway and if they don't sell, they don't sell