Selling to International buyers

  1. Help. I got two BIN offers from 2 eBay buyers. I had noted on my auction that I won't ship internationally, but one bidder from Australia kept on emailing and said she really wanted my LV handbag. So I checked her feedback and she has 100% positive feedback, but she hasn't ever purchased any designer handbags or sold any. I emailed her back and told her if I sold my LV handbag to her, I could not take eBay, since I would not be protected. I told her I would only accept a money order or cashiers check. I wanted to find out from someone on this forum, what kind of money order should I acccept, and is this safe? I would also ship through EMS with insurance and tracking. I also received another BIN offer from someone in the USA and she also has good feeback and has purchased many LV and other high end handbags, but I do have one concern, since she has already purchased the exact same LV handbag that I'm selling, but the one she bought is a fake. That scares me, because she could try to do a bait and switch on me. Can anyone give me some advice. Thank you
  2. If you are worried about bait and switch- tag your item- there are plenty of threads about it in the eBay section.

    It is fine to accept paypal so you are covered but make sure you send to a paypal confirmed address. Only addresses in the US, CANADA and UK can be confirmed, any other country tell them you are happy to accept their bid but they will need to pay you by bank transfer.

    The bidder that has brought alot of LV bags may be a dealer or reseller!
  3. Thanks for you response. What I'm hoping someone can tell me is what is the best way to receive money orders or cashiers checks from Austrailia. I thought I had read that you should not accept ones from UPS for some reason and only accept them from Citi or another bank

  4. I don't know why people won't ship outside their country. After all it takes the same amount of effort to post it! More than half my sales are from unconfirmed addresses abroad such as UK, Australia, and Brazil, and I had absolutely no problems with them. My only headache buyer was from US! To estimate postage, just weigh the parcel and go online to check the price.

    You should always use Paypal even if addresses are unconfirmed. Despite what Paypal states, you still have the same level of legal protection as you would to confirmed addresses. If you accept money orders and cashiers check, you do not have ebay protection at all.

    When mailing the item, make sure you have insurance or signature/delivery confirmation, those are your proof should the buyer pull a chargeback on you.
  5. Instead of a MO or cashiers order (which may take some time in cashing?), ask your Australian buyer if she's willing to pay by bank wire or Western Union Instant Money Transfer. Remember to tell the buyer that she will have to pay all the fees. Yup, Ebay says no-no to WU, but personally I think that's way better than Paypal for sellers.
  6. i don't think this is correct. you forfeit buyer protection when you ship to an unconfirmed address. another TPFer got burned even though she had proof of delivery.
  7. Agree with designermummy. I am from Aus and if you ever looked at ebay australia you would know why we buy from US !!! I would go PayPal rather than cheque and make sure you have that confirmed address. Payment is reliable this way.....
    All the best hon...
  8. what about echeque?