selling some bags

  1. hi all,
    i sell a lot of my bags on eBay...they are always in excellent condition and i always include pictures and if the buyer needs more info i gladly answer all questions and provide more pictures if needed; i have 100% positive's my question...i have a bulga butterfly in a gorgeous brown and a gustto baca in green and i'd like to sell both of them to make way for new bags...the bulga is in excellent condition but has one discoloration mark on the bottom...the gustto is in very good condition but has several marks on the bottom...i'm somewhat anxious about getting "bad" feedback because of the marks on these bags EVEN THOUGH i will take pictures of all the marks inside and out...anyone else experience this? any suggestions? thanks!!!
  2. As long as you are honest and disclose the flaws fully and picture them clearly, I think you should be fine. :yes:

    Except in relatively rare instances, involving unhinged buyers, I think sellers usually only run into trouble when they try to hide, or downplay, flaws (which is very common). Even though many of them may claim otherwise in their feedback replies and retaliation negs!

    Any buyer who leaves you a neg after you have fully disclosed and clearly pictured any flaws is being unreasonable, because why have they bought a bag, that was clearly described as having flaws, if they didn't want it in that condition? :shrugs:
  3. Just take really good pictures and give a detailed description, that's about all you can do.
  4. As long as u are honest and upfront about the flaws and pictured them clearly, you should be fine. You may want to indicate that "Pls do not bid if u are unable to accept the mentioned flaws (pic xxxx ) " to further highlight n minimise the agony later.
  5. Hi, though I've not sold on eBay, I'm an avid buyer from Singapore. I'm lucky in that my experience dealing with sellers in the US has been great ... and I always appreciate an eBay seller who clearly states all the flaws and provide good pictures.
  6. thanks all, i totally appreciate the advice!!!
    : )
  7. As a victim of recent seller fraud, I would make sure your listing mentions the flaws and that the pictures clearly show the spots/flaws. Don't downplay them but state them accurately. You are not going to get as much money if they were not flawed but you also won't get a dispute filed against you.