Selling old supplies on craigslist?

  1. So I am trying to clean out my supply pile up from like the last 5 years, and my house as a whole which has amassed a TON of cardstock and envelopes and ribbon spools, some never even opened, which are left over from invitation jobs I finished. I had planned to donate to schools and was told in no uncertain terms that despite it being like 8 boxes full of stuff that it wasn't "enough" to be accepted by the schools. Seriously. I bet if the teachers heard that they'd be displeased! Kids like to do things to paper!

    Anyway...I found someplace local called the Upcycle Exchange where you turn stuff in for "store credit" for other stuff people have turned in, mostly fabrics and other craft like supplies, and odds and ends for repurposing. Though, this is a LOT of stuff, that is worth a LOT of money new. I feel like if I do that, Im being shortchanged on the trade value, and it's value I might not even use up.

    So today after finishing sorting almost all of it, I realized "good lord this is a LOT of stuff...I should sell this or something". But I poked on eBay and on Etsy....not much looks like it sells, even in lots. I have never used CL before, it actually skeeves me out. But I figured I could box some of this stuff up into like...lots of scrapbook supplies and slap a price on it, and then hopefully someone like a teacher or scrapbooker might buy it and then Im rid of it, and made a TINY portion of what it's worth back to put in the account. Whatever didn't sell I could do that Upcycle thing with, and the rest give to my teacher friends.

    Is this stupid? How do you price something like this? I mean I could figure up the actual cost of all this junk, and then my head might seriously explode at this stuff I can't and couldn't return when I got it for jobs and didn't use it all.
  2. Wow! I am really, really surprised your local schools didn't want that stash. A few years ago I had a couple boxes of paper craft stuff, mostly colored paper, paper with designs, markers, stickers. Hauled it to a nearby grade school and boy were they ever grateful! They told me to come back with more if I had any. Have you tried just taking a box to the office of a local grade school to see if they want it?

    Another donation possibility is elderly homes. The ones around here have craft rooms and are always looking for donations of supplies. Beyond yarn and knitting needles that is, which they all seem to have a ton of.

    I've had good luck giving away stuff on the local FreeCycle and Free Exchange sites. So much easier than dealing with the Craigslist nuts. One message and the stuff is out of my life.
  3. A friend of mine said to try Preschools. I might do that or just go to the school up the street despite them saying no. I can do a nursing home also...good idea!
  4. I second the nursing home idea, I did some volunteering in one and they love crafts. If possible, choose a charity based nursing home as they usually don't have the funds for many supplies.

    Another idea is a local youth group or Girl Guides.
  5. Voting for the nursing home as well.
  6. Girl Scouts or maybe your local church would b a good place to donate. I always get more for a tax credit than if I resold.