selling of fakes on e bay

  1. several days ago i reported a TPF member to one of the mods who had obviously been selling quite a few fakes on e bay, and this was confirmed, to be told there was nothing that could be done and it was not a ban-able offence, so does this mean TPF condone the selling of fakes? I was quite dumbfounded and saddened on this reply i have to say:sad::tdown: and really would like some clarity on this

    many thanks

  2. ummm, NO, of course not!:nogood:

    But you can't expect us to try to control what people do when they're not here, right?
    For each person you found to be selling fakes on eBay, there's at least a dozen more of them.

    If they aren't breaking OUR rules then we can't do anything about it.

    To insinuate or be confused about whether we "condone fakes" is a little extreme IMO. I think it's more than clear what our position is on that.
  3. hi

    the reason i am confused is because i thought it would have been one of the TPF rules not to sell fakes, and yes i quite undersstand you cant control what other activities tpf members do, but when a tpf member is blatently selling fakes on e bay and it is reported i had expected something would be done simply because you do dot codone the selling of such.
  4. We don't have any rules like that.
    But it goes against everything this Forum believes in.
    Obviously if it effects their membership here, we'd be moved to take action, but I think you'd be surprised by some of our members we know have auctioned fakes before.

    If people aren't breaking our rules, it's out of our hands.
  5. if it goes against what the forum believes in then maybe the person should be named and shamed.
    its not right that someone is posting about loving handbags but selling fakes to fund their purchases.
  6. we don't allow people to be "named and shamed" that isn't the demeanor of this Forum:nogood:
  7. A question, then: If someone is advertising her tPF membership in her auction and using that to sell a fake bag, can't you still do anything about it?
  8. no:nogood:
    this is why everytime someone starts a new {duplicated} thread in eBay Forum about how they like to try and buy from people who mention tPF in their auctions I warn them.

    Anyone can add that to their auction.

    Look, I agree, IT STINKS!!! but it is what it is. We just cannot police other website or people like that.
    It's too much and doesn't make all that big of a difference, people just re-register.
  9. While it sucks, we can not be in charge of people's lives outside of tPF. How could we ever? That is not our place. What happens on eBay has NOTHING to do with us. Even if someone slaps up there that they are a member of tPF... why should someone trust that? You SHOULDN'T!!!

    We would never allow a member in our Market Plaza if we found they sell fakes, that is completely differently. We take past selling history into account. But to police people's outsides lives is not our place.

    Hope that clarifies some.
  10. That is very reassuring to know!!
  11. Wow. I suppose it never crossed my mind that someone claiming to be a TPF member on ebay could be lying. :noggin:I do not understand why anyone would do that when they know other members actively search/buy/sell from ebay.
  12. There are always a few rotten apples in the barrel. We just have to be very careful when trading on ebay.

    It's frustruating and lots of dramas have happened here. A membership on tPF doesn't necessarily mean the member sells authentic bags, and vice versa. And tPF is not FBI or ebay T&S. Let's enjoy the forum and help each other out whenever we can.
  13. Yeah there are people who just put things like "Proud TPF member" on their auctions yet many times, won't even know what that means. It's along the same lines as putting a My Poupette Recommended Seller logo on their auctions when they're not a member.
    Also, in some cases, if they ARE TPF members, they may be using a different name on ebay. I do this as well because honestly, I don't want to have EVERYthing I do linked to one screen name. Enough already pops up when someone googles my screen name lol including a ton of posts from this forum. But as my own disclaimer, not all the entries are mine: I am not an escort and I'm not some girl named Kari. :roflmfao:
  14. but you are the cupcake temptress! (I am PMSing so bad....gonna need chocolate soon.)
  15. ^Haha. And lol don't feel bad, I've been eating chocolate covered gummy bears.
    *sends you a box of fudgy cupcakes*