Selling my Gucci and all the current bidders have less than 5 feedback!

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  1. I'm currently selling my Gucci on eBay and have a reserve price set. I started the bidding at $50 to get things moving, and now there is 13 bids and the price is up to around $130.

    My question is, are the bidders safe? It's going back and forth between several users with 0-4 feedback points. What is up with this? Should I be worried? I don't want to sell it to someone who has 0 feedback points, but I don't want to cancel their bid either... I really want to sell this bag for a decent price, and I'm afraid I'll get ripped.

    Doesn't it seem like people with higher feedback scores would be interested since it's so rare to see someone with such a low FB score on eBay now? How come my listing caught three of them?

    Thanks in advance for the input~!
  2. I actually get 0 feedback buyers all the time! Their are tons on eBay!
  3. i know there are lotta buyer remorse going on on ebay, but i really feel for the honest new ebayers or the ones dont shop on ebay often. people have to start with 0 and slowly building it up. if they dont have any non paying histories, maybe give them a chance? or add "contact me before bidding if u have 5 or less feedbacks" to your listing? i've seen lotta sellers doing it.
  4. yes i agree...i recently sold a pair of jeans on ebay and the girl who won had zero feedback and I was worried..but she paid me right away so everything was ok. everyone has to start somewhere and build their way up.
  5. Thanks everybody! I guess all will be well if I get paid right away!
  6. Oh also...the newbies are the ones who bid early and usually drop out later because they really don't know any better (i.e. early bidding unnecessarily drives up price...good for you, bad for buyers)!
  7. I wouldn't worry until you get close to the end of the auction. Many times, new bidders don't bid high enough to win more expensive auctions. They're just testing the waters of eBay.
  8. I agree with Lori. If a newbie wins, there is nothing wrong with a friendly message saying something like 'congratulations on winning the bag. I noticed you were new to Ebay and remember all too well what it felt like entering this world for the first time, so do contact me if you have any queries about payment or delivery. Meanwhile, I think you have my details to make payment?'. I do it all the time and generally get a very positive reaction and make some brilliant contacts with zero feedback buyers who stay in touch.
  9. I don't think well-rated buyers are anymore reliable than 0 feedback buyers these days. There are plenty of horror stories here from people who thought they were selling to/buying from someone reliable who had good feedback and it turned into a nightmare.
    So long as you have set your reserve to the price you want you won't get ripped off.
  10. Personally, I only have a feedback of 2 on ebay. For a lot of reasons. Mostly because I am very cautious. I have had an account at ebay for a long time, but I never used it until recently. I get discriminated against alot for "not having enough feedback", but i would NEVER dream of not paying or scamming someone. I am afraid of being scammed myself, so I end up buying retail most of the time unless I can find a really good deal on ebay
  11. I agree... I purchase little off ebay because I have the same fear of sellers being dodgy!! When i have paid it has always been immediate....
  12. seaosoned or some ebayers who have more FB usually wait until the last minute to bid too. the newbies are just driving up the price for you which is good. i wouldn't worry too much.
  13. daisyfay13, ITA with you. i've had an ebay account for a long time, but don't use it much. i'm very wary of buying from ebay, so my feedback is less than 5. i recently bought something from ebay and emailed the seller before i put in a bid. waiting for it in the mail right now! :smile: kolibriszuka, good luck with your auction - hope you're buyer is a good one!
  14. when selling designer bags, shoes, and clothing i noticed to that most bidders have 0 - 5 feedback. i recently sold my Rock & Republic jeans and was kinda nervous about all the low feedback bidders, some of them are good, others have no clue.