Selling Handbags at Consignment Shops

  1. Should I post this question here or the general discussion? Since i want to sell a few of my handbags, I was thinking a consignment shop would be a headache free way to go instead of eBay.

    Is it worth selling designer handbags (i'm talking one season old) at consignment shops?

    I'm in the NYC vicinity so any suggestions for one would be appreciated!
  2. I think you can sell them here in the marketplace...

    not positive about the requirements to become a seller. I think you have to request to join.
  3. I've sold some handbags at consignment shops. It's easy, but the rate of return isn't great. Consignment shops generally put a pricetag on items of roughly 1/3 the original retail price (i.e., they'll set a pricepoint of $400 on a $1,200 bag.) After that bag sells for $400, the consignment shop owner generally keeps 50%, in my experience, meaning you get $200 back.

    I've been reluctant to deal with all the hassles of eBay myself. So I have taken a few handbags to one of those eBay middlemen "drop-off" stores to sell for me. I've gotten more money back that way. For instance, I sold a Balenciaga bag on eBay for $840, and the drop-off store that sold it kept a 30% commission and a small fee, meaning I made $563 on the sale. You might want to give that a try.
  4. ^^^wow, that's not worth it at all!
  5. yeah, i've been doing some research into consigning, and it seems that you make roughly 1/4 to 1/3 the purchase price you paid after the consignment shop sells it. it doesn't seem worth it especially if you've got high end lux stuff.